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New Mexico Endorsement Fingerprint requirement

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I am licensed in Arizona as RN. Because NM and AZ are compact state, i got hired here in NM. I just filed an application for Endorsement here in NM. I made it in the 90 days window....

There was a requirement for fingerprint at cogentid...

Im done with the fingerprint but how do i know if the results are back? Do cogent send it directly to new mexico board of nursing or to my employer?

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I would think your employer would look it up, the BON doesn't seem to be involved from what you said. Welcome to New Mexico!

registered just to comment on this even if you figured it out by now. I just went through this process but from Tennessee to Georgia.

CogentID sends it to the board of nursing of the state you're applying. You can try calling cogentID to see if they completed it yet but the wait times over the phone are literally 30 minute waits. But they did answer eventually and told me they received my fingerprints but they couldnt tell me when Georgia would receive the results.

Also, I was applying for a GA license and the GA BON website had an "application status" tab and let me know my background check from cogentID was "pending" for seemingly forever. It took several weeks to complete my application and get licensed and Im told it can take months (but I was going from a compact state to non compact state)

I never got an update from Georgia when they received my fingerprints they just eventually sent me a "heres your license number!" in my email!


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They send to employer

Is English exam a mandatory requirement for nurses trained/educated in the Philippines to apply for NM NCLEX-RN license examination? Thanks.

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I believe all foreign nurses wishing to take the NCLEX (no matter which state) have to take the TOEFL.