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New Method for Teaching Basic Telemetry Courses


It is a challenged to find or develop new methodology for teaching basic telemetry course (e.g., Basic EKG Course) to nurses. In the past, we have offered 16 hours of stand-up class (8 hours of really basic stuff + another 8 hours of dysrhythmia analysis), but it is now being proposed that we offer 12 hours in a day and a half to all nurses on-boarding and open this up to nurses on the floors. With so much information to cover in less amount of time and still expect every attendee to really absorb everything we provide (don't get me wrong, this is our goal), I just wonder where is the reality.

Any models people might have developed and resulted in successful learning? I am thinking of one that mixes stand-up class, online resources, and self-learning modules that will include tests?

All responses will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


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I currently do not teach this content, but why not require extensive work prior to coming to class? The learner would need to furnish proof of the preparation such as a completed pretest and sign an affirmation that all required materials were read. Some ACLS courses use this strategy, and it seems to be very effective.

Such a good idea. Thank you, Vicky. I know I can count on you.

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