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New to Med/Surg. Brain sheets needed.

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I became a RN in 2010. I have been working in home health and hospice since then. Six months ago I started working days on a med/surg unit. This is my first hospital job and it's so hectic. I would really appreciate any suggestions that you have regarding time management and organization. Please include "Brain sheets" if you have them. I have a case load of 5 patients and I work an 8 hour shift.



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I googled brain sheets, and searched this site for threads that had brain sheets (there are a bunch), found a few that looked good and used them to build my own. You know better than anyone what information is most important for you during your shift. A lot of brain sheets will have slots for information or lack places for information that you might need on your specific unit.

Using a brain sheet really helped me to stay organized throughout my shift. I also work 8 hour shifts on days and evenings. It really helps you to be able to plan your shift when most of the major information is right in front of you. It helps you to prioritize as well, at least it did me.