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If you are looking to 'hang' with other RNAC's, the site you are interested in is: It is the site of the American Association of Nursing Assessment Coordinators. The site is an excellent resource. Have you thought about becoming certified as an RNAC?

I used to work as an RNAC, so I know your frustrations about MDS completion. If I were you I would be sure your DON and your NHA know about your work load.... with the new attestation on the MDS 2.0, you must be sure your work is 100% accurate, or you, personally may be held liable for your answers.


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agree with Tim, having been an MDS coordinator. At one point I was carrying a facility with over 90 residents in house by myself, for almost 4 months. In order to make administration understand your time contraints do a time study on yourself. Let them understand what you are doing and the amount of time it takes. The other thing you need to do is document each time you need to go to a dept. head to ensure they are doing their portion. Then you have something to take to administration to show that you are following up as the coordinator, however you do not have time to be the babysitter. Good Luck, I no longer do this type of job. I will never work in LTC again, too much to do, with too little resources. I do agency work at one particular place, and I can control my hours and make better pay. Works for me.


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I'm new to this website, but in the 1/2 hour that I have been browsing, I have been able to get some information that I can use.

I have been working as an MDS Coordinator/Case Manager for a month now. I am totally frustrated with the overturn in my facility. I am working in a facility with a 30 bed SNF, and a 15 bed Alzheimer's SNF. I am currently responsible for all MDS assessments and quarterlies, etc., for the facility. My frustration lays in the overturn that we have. In this week alone, I have had 13 admissions (11 of which were medicare). I feel as though the workload is getting away from me. I'm working without a DNS, Social Worker, and Nurse Manager. I'm being held responsible for their jobs, and not able to get the MDS done...then held responsible for not getting it done. I know there's nothing anyone here can do to help me, this is my own private Idaho, so to speak.

What I would like, is if anyone has any useful websites for someone such as myself, I would appreciate it.

Thanks, Ang


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Support of the Administration is first and foremost for you to be able to function effectively as MDS Coordinator.

They should understand the importance of MDS,PPS and Care Planning process in your building. If they do, they should support you by giving you help, by not letting you assume added responsibilities, by allowing you to attend seminars and browse the web to further your knowledge.

Do not accept numerous responsiblities. If they are imposing it on you, talk to them.

If they ignore you, there's always the option to move on and find a more supportive environment.

Nurses by nature are patient and caring individuals. We tend to accept and accept

and we pray that it will get better. It won't unless you do something about it.

Some employers try if they can go away with it. But if they see you are working hard and

you speak out,you outline to them the importance of what you are doing, they can very well give in to what is right and needed.

We do need to learn how to say no.

For you out there who are frustrated RNAC,speak up.

If it doesn't work,post your resume and I am sure you will find

a better, more supportive working environment.

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