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New LVN looking for gadgets for new work

Specializes in Geriatrics, Emergency Nursing.


I am a new LVN starting my work in July 1st as a nurse in charge in a SNF/Sub-Acute. Its always hard to get / share working equipment at work (been working there for 2 years, got promoted to nursing) so I wanna get my own. Can you guys recommend a good wrist bp monitor and finger oximeter I can use at work? I want a wrist one cause of the ease of putting them on and off as I'm expecting to give 40 patient their meds in 2-2.5hrs


Specializes in Dementia care, hospice.

I went over to Amazon and got a really good pulse ox for about $30. There are so many different companies and styles and I really haven't heard any negatives about reliability of any particular type. Believe it or not, you can get relatively inexpensive and pretty accurate bp cuffs at most drug stores. Our facility doesn't allow wrist cuffs because we have a lot of residents who bruise very easily and using a standard cuff on the bicep reduces the risk of bruising. Wow, just read what I typed and realized I probably didn't help all that much... but one thing I can tell you... keep ALL reciepts! Anything you buy for work, ink pens, shoes, scrubs, cuffs, even notebooks, is tax deductible... and you'd be amazed at how much you spend in a year's time!


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