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New LPN to RN

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I have been an LPN since 2009 and recently graduated from an RN program. My jobs as an LPN have consisted of nursing home, walk in clinics, and home health. I have never worked on a MedSurg floor or in an acute care setting. I feel this has been a downfall for me not getting a lot of practice with skills. I live in a small community and although we have a hospital here..it is small. Working in a larger hospital will require at least an hour commute. I am divorced and 54 years old. My children are grown and I have two grandchildren. I don’t have a lot of bills so striving to make big bucks is not a top priority. My question is, should a drive the hour to a larger hospital to be in a nurse residency program that would expose me to skills that I have not been exposed to previously working as an LPN, or just take a job in my comfort zone working as an RN at a nursing home or a specialized clinic (woundcare, cardiac rehab etc) I am just so confused as to what direction I should go in. I always thought travel nursing was something I might look into but now that the time is here it scares me to death. Working from home is something else I might be interested in but most of these jobs I think require a BSN. I guess just any advice would be appreciated as I am rambling at this point. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post!

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I would always recommend a nurse residency for a new nurse. It can help you leaps and bounds with developing your skills and critical thinking.