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New LPN let go from LTC facility


I graduated from my LPN program in late December and took boards in late January. I immediately got a job at a LTC facility thanks to a friend who was a new RN and UM there. I was always pretty uncomfortable in the facility- the politics overshadowed the job, I had difficulties charting because I had seasoned nurses telling me "no, don't chart that" when I thought it was crucial to note that this resident turned off her bed alarm, ect. I had 3 days of orientation and then I was thrown on the floor. The facility originally had me on nights but moved me to evenings when my friend requested me for the F/T position at her Assisted Living facility. I had 3 days of orientation at this facility too. The difference between AL and LTC is like night and day, and there was no written policy manual anywhere to help me through the transition and my friend was (obviously) no longer my friend, but my boss. And a bad one, I think. Her managing technique was intimidation and yelling and I quickly started having anxiety whenever I knew she was there.

This past week was the worst. I had several AL pts go to the ER for various reasons. One resident happened to be a step-grandparent of the ADON, something I was not aware of. This resident went to the ER for stomach pain and came back with no new orders. Her daughter came with her, told me what happened, and asked if the CNA was available to put the resident to bed. I stated that she was not, that my CNA goes home at 9:30. My mistake was not realizing this family member was asking for SOMEONE to put the resident (an independent one at that) to bed. The next day, I was written up for not doing that and was told that if I received one more complaint, I was going to be let go.

Resident/Family Forum was Thursday and a resident stated that she thought I didn't care out her. That counted as a complaint and I was let go on Friday.

Here's my dilemma. I don't know how to build a resume and how do I answer the inevitable interview question of "why did you leave"? I honestly feel that I am better suited for a hospital environment but I need a job more than I have the right to be picky.

Any opinions or helpful advice?

Thanks all!

As an LPN who has been let go from two jobs, you can be certain that you will not be desirable to any acute care facility, but then, they do not cater to LPNs anyway. If you did not fulfill your probationary status, usually 90 days, at either of these jobs, there are those who would advise you not to list them. You might find it easier to start out with a fresh start. If the subject comes up afterward, state you did not finish the probationary employment status. I would strongly consider this route if I were you.

Oh, it was one job but two facilities on the same property. They had LTC and then across the parking lot, they had Assisted/Independent Living. Sorry I wasn't more clear.

I did fulfill my 90 day probationary status, however. Should I still list this on my resume?

You probably should list it then. Now you just have to be prepared with the "it wasn't a good fit" answer for when you are questioned about your experience there. Hope you can find something soon.

Thank you.

I think the worst part of my experience there is that I'm leaving with my nursing confidence shattered. I know I'm capable of being a good nurse... I just don't know what that means anymore.