New to L&D advice??


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Hi I'm looking for some advice! I am a nurse with 5 years of experience who recently switched floors to L&D. I am feeling really overwhelmed and discouraged. My nursing experience prior to this was 1.5 years on a pulonary/renal/med surg floor and 3.5 years on a chest pain/observation unit. I was told that this specialty takes a good 2 years to feel comfortable in my interview, but I'm feeling more overwhelmed with the amount of new information and never ending amount of documentation than I expected. To be quite honest its making me feel constantly stressed and so anxious, I go to bed thinking about work and wake up thinking about work. My "why" of going into this field was because I delivered both of my children at this hospital and I had such a great experience and wanted to be there for the moms like my nurses were for me, they were wonderful...but the job is honestly so much more stressful and tedious than I was prepared for, my preceptors tell me I am doing a great job but I don't feel like I am. My hospital has the new L&D nurses train for 12 weeks, I am 7 weeks into training. I was a charge nurse on my old floor and the go-to for questions and did my job well and felt like I knew what I was doing, but now I feel like a new grad all over again but its not fun at 32 years old..  Just looking for advice here? Should I stick it out? Is it normal to feel this way when switching specialties to L&D? I don't want to give up because I have put so much time and effort into learning and training for this new position but I just don't know if what I am feeling is normal or if this is a sign that it's not meant to be.

At only 7 weeks in I think it's way too early to tell how you will feel once you are fully trained and have gained the confidence and competence you need. I am the same way whenever I am learning something new, out of my comfort zone and feeling anxious. Please give yourself a minimum 3 months to start feeling better. And choose to focus and dwell on the good things about each workday. Your charting may not be perfect, but did you provide compassionate support for your patients? That, in my opinion, is the best thing about being an L&D nurse. Good luck to you, and hang in there!