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Hello everyone,

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Ok so heres the story. I was crying bc I just got my LVN license and I could not find a job and my husband is preparing to get layed off from his job on August 1st, due to the economy.

Well I had a job interview on Wed for a On call job at Rehab center and I had a Job interview on thursday for a On call job at a Skilled Nursing, well as I was driving to my interview on thursday- I got a call from the Rehab center saying that I got the job and needed to start orientation next week, So I was thrilled. Well I went to the second interview anyways for "experience" and got hired on the spot at the skilled nursing and started that day. SOOO I worked thursday and today at the skilled nursing and I work Mon- Wed at the skilled nursing and Thur-Sat orinetation at the Rehab center.

WHAT DO I DO??? AHHH!!!! Ok Im a new grad so bare with me!!!! Do I tell both my DSDs that I got another on call job too bc I need hours and they are not guaranteed, so its important I work bc my husband is losing his job? Or do I just wait? I don't want to get fired from either of my jobs, and I need hours. I plan on staying at whichever job I like more and offers me a full time job first- thats my plan. Do alot of nurses work more than one job, or on call job for that matter? My dsd at the skilled nursing thinks im available anytime- but according to the nurses that work there, they don't use alot of on calls because the facility is so small they only need one lvn on shift per shift.

This is giving me a serious headache. My moms been a nurse for over 30 years and is in a coma right now at a hospital :cry:- ironicly since yesterday, my first day as a new nurse. I would ask her what to do, but I can't- so thanks again to you nurses in advance


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First of all, so sorry to hear about your Mom! Wow! You have a lot going on right now, good news and bad at the same time - plus you just came through a really tough period finishing nursing school & boards (congrats, by the way!)

Answer to your question - yes - many nurses work 2 jobs, and it is understandable with the economy right now. Remember, you have to take care of you first - and your family - so being honest and upfront with your managers is key. I would hope they would understand the need to work more than one job right now:) Good luck!


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Congrats on finishing school and passing your exam!

I agree with above poster. If both positions are on-call, then they can each reasonably expect you to have another job to work around. Be honest with both schedulers/nursing directors and let them know. One question--is it truly on call or is it per diem? With a true on-call position, you have particular days that you are scheduled to be on call, and if called in, you go. With per diem, you are not scheduled but they call you that day (or if lucky, the day before) and let you know that you are needed. You then have the option to say yes or no to the shift. There's a bit of a difference there, so it bears finding out which.

I'm working two (soon to be three) jobs. Two are PRN/per-diem, so I can say yea or nay when they call, and the other is a monthly shot clinic that I can sign up for a month or two in advance. It sounds like a lot, but it's really very flexible for me, and like you, I'm waiting for one of the per-diem jobs to turn into full-time (or permanent part-time). It's a good way to get started and find out what you like. Good luck!


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I don't have any advice on the job situation, other than don't get burned out too fast! I am not sure I could go through 2 orientations at the same time. Information overload! But I did want to comment on your Mom and tell you how sorry I am that you can't talk to her about your situation! As a nurse, she would have been a plethora of information, and as your Mom, she would have been honest and thoughtful. I am so sorry!

Take care, and good luck to you.

Congrats on passing your test AND getting 2 job offers at the same time!


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Hi, I also agree with the other post I am a new CNA i just relieved my first full time plus I have two other part -time jobs on the side and I'm in LPN school. I let my jobs know of one another in tried my best to keep rest

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