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I started at my new job yesterday, today we had a site wide meeting,after the meeting we returned to finish orientation ,two other employees who are in orientation were talking about how high the turn over they had heard about from other employees and how they will let you go for no reason. My interaction with the providers was positive . Im trying to keep a open mind as I feel this is a good fit , and they were excited to bring me on as a provider. I have decided to keep my mouth shut and just go with the flow. However all the negative comments that i heard secondhand are bothering me. suggestions advice please

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Right now it's unfounded gossip. Some people live on that crap, and on creating drama to cause more gossip. So for now, ignore it. Stay positive until you have a valid reason not to.


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Yes unfounded and as far as I'm concerned inappropriate . I can't stand gossip and I don't participate in it. I remember the old grade school game where you would repeat a statement to the person next to you and by the end the statement was nothing like the original.