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New on the job and scheduling/leave


Hi everyone, I'm currently searching for a job and I have 3 days (fri, sat, sun) in January I plan to take a trip. If I get hired will my employer let me have these days off? what I'm asking is can the scheduling be done so I don't work these days or would I be asking too much being a newbie? Also how soon after getting hired can you take leave? Should I just be upfront w/ employers that offer me a job that these 3 days in jan I would like to be off?? I need to know if I can schedule this trip now. Thank you! :loveya:

Definitely be up front. If you let them know now, the scheduler can pencil in which days you're unavailable and hopefully it won't be a problem. If you wait, you might end up scrambling at the last minute to trade shifts.

groovy jeff, RN

Specializes in Telemetry & PCU.

Do not ask until you have been offered a job. Once you have been offered the job, let them know that you need those days off as a condition to your employment. I have never seen an employer turn down a reasonable request like yours.

mzjennx, BSN, RN

Specializes in Oncology, Med-Surg.

i agree with both. but you could have a devil manager who doesnt care what you say and makes you work anyways.