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I graduate in Dec and start new job on Oncology in Jan. I'm scared to death!

I wish I would've become an LPN before RN school....but didn't know better.

Anyway, is it going to be as scary as I think???

I have so many things running thru my mind....what to do about the fear?

Will I survive being new?


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Perfectly NORMAL!!!! It's a huge transition and your biggest shock will most likely be GETTING PAID FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DOING FOR FREE!! Everyone you work with will be aware you are a new grad, people are there to orient you, support you and help you to be the very best nurse you can be. Your on a wonderful new journey and it will be awesome! Keep us informed of your progress.


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I have been working as a nurse for ~8 yrs and I just cried the other day (starting a new job)! I was so nervous, felt like I should know everything already- as did the preceptor- and I totally lost it. Cried like a baby! :crying2: Hope you can picture me crying in front of my new manager and it helps to know other people get nervous too! Not just new grads! And not just RN's!


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I have been a nurse for 26 years and each time I start a new job, I almost get physically ill. :uhoh3: Sometimes I think I won't make it through the day but I do. :imbar I find that after a day or 2, "hey, I am going to make it!" :rolleyes: :balloons: Please don't worry so much as it probably will not be as bad as you imagined!~ Good luck and let us know how it is when you actually get there. Remember, slow deep breaths!! LOL!! :)

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