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New job as a CNA

by guest5122016 guest5122016 (Member)

Hello all!

ive been looking on this site for awhile trying to read some advice but I wanted to personally ask now. I recently got a job as a cna in a rehab unit at a nursing home. The patients here are separate from long term care residents. I was just wondering if the stress of being new and job descriptions will get easier with time. I feel like I have a general idea on what to do and I'm still on orientation but I'm scared to be by myself. Most of people need bedpans and the occasional change, it's not all total care but the call bells ring so much and it's overwhelming. I just need some hope that it will get better I know there are good days and bad days but overall. I want to be a RN and I figured this would be a good step I just want to be able to be successful. Any advice or reassurance?

I felt the same after the Orientation. It was so stressful esp in rehab. Everything is just fast-paced. However, when you get used to the tasks, you'll be able to catch up and have your own routine. It can be overwhelming at first, but give yourself sometime.

I'm a new CNA too, been working in Rehab for a month now and I can catch up already with my colleagues who worked there longer. I made sure I help others as well if I have time. You'll need it when you need their help. My problem though is patients who fell under me. Feel so bad for them. :(

Anyhow, hope you'll enjoy your job!

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I started as a CNA in an ALF after a very short orientation I was essentially on my own. I found the first two months very stressful and overwhelming, but then things got a lot better. I got to know the residents, know my coworkers, and most importantly develop a routine. Not to say days were never stressful after that. But after that initial steep learning curve, being a CNA got a lot better and I most days I really enjoyed working at that facility.

Give yourself a little time to get used to this job; in all likelihood it will get better as you gain more experience. Build positive working relationships with your coworkers - being part of a functional team makes the work easier, and can be a source of support on bad days.

I felt the same way after orientation with my CNA job. I just started in November, and my facility has LTC and rehab. They stuck me on the LTC unit, where most all residents were total, and we each had 10-12. I felt like I just got done changing everyone, and it was time to start over again. And, the nurses wanted all residents possible to get up for meals. So most are hoyer lift, and it requires a spotter for each lift. It was so overwhelming at first, and I was questioning my decision to go into nursing. But now it's much better, once you get a handle on the duties and timeframe. Hang in there, it will get better once you get in the swing of it. Also, getting to know the residents, and what they each need/want helps a ton too.