UMDNJ-Stratford ABSN for Spring 2010

  1. Hi,

    Is there anyone planning on attending or have been accepted to UMDNJ Stratford Accelerated BSN program for Spring 2010?

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  3. by   BusyBryRN2B
    Bump for replies...
  4. by   Bus to Health
    I am hoping to attend UMDNJ Stratford in Spring 2010. Have you completed all your pre-reqs yet?

    I just started and am taking A&P I and Chemistry.
  5. by   reachingmydream
    Do you need to have all the pre-reqs done before you even apply? How many times a year does a new class strart?
  6. by   Bus to Health
    They say that you can apply while you are taking your lat 2 prerequisites. Unfortuately, I won't be attending there any more b/c i won't be done with my classes in time. Do I'm switching to Drexel.
    UMDNJ accepts students in the spring (May) and winter (January). hope this info helped
  7. by   erinomahony
    I just signed on with and i will be attending Stratford in 2010. Are you doing anything to prepare besides prerequesites? I am trying to contact students in the program that could offer advice on the best things to brush up on before starting classes. Let me know if there is anything I could help you with or if you have any suggestions.
  8. by   Bus to Health
    Change of plans. I am trying to enroll in UMDNJ for May 2010. Drexel required way too many prereqs and I was able to take 2 prereqs next semester. Soo I want to go to an informational session. Did you go and if so, was it helpful at all? I might try to schedule an appointment to meet up with someone instead. I don't have much questions to ask- Just want to go over a few things..

    I hope I get in
  9. by   erinomahony

    I also deferred my acceptance to drexel on account of them requiring me to retake courses I had already complete. I am finding that most schools, although they are organizations of higher education, are also businesses and run like businesses. So any chance they can get to make you take something extra, they will. I unfortunately did not attend an info session but i am sure it would be helpful and probablly inspire you with some questions. The administration at Stratford is very freindly when you can get a hold of the, so i would recommend going ahead with the info session. I would definately call the stratford office to make sure all your application stuff will be processed in time if you are intending on starting in January though. Everything is processed in newark so if you have questions about your file before acceptance call there. If you have questions specific to the stratford program call them. Both numbers are on the accelerated BSN page online. Let me know if I can be of any more help.
  10. by   Bus to Health
    Thanks- I actually just spoke to someone in Newark. I hope to go to a session but we will see what happens. Thank God I only needed 4 classes.. Can't wait to get an acceptance letter when I finally apply. I am aiming to start in May 2010. How long did it take to get an acceptance letter from them?
  11. by   erinomahony
    Once all your materials are in, they post acceptances about 2 months before start date. At least thats what they did with me.
  12. by   njapn
    Hi there,

    I got accepted for stratford program. I am looking for someone who is already in program. Someone who can guide me about schedule as I am trying to figure it out what kind of schedule we will have.

    I would appreciate if any current student can help me. I am a single parent and need to make arrangements for evening or night schedule or shift. Only if it is required.

    Please reply if anyone can to my post if you are current or past ASBN stratford student.