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  1. Hi-

    I heard that many students test out of informatics. Does anyone know how easy/hard it is to test out, or does the school matter. I will be attending UMDNJ. I have a minor in Computer technology. Do you recommend that I try and test out? My thinking was that I could us more time to study other material.
    However, to be honest I am not 100% what would truly be discussed in a Nursing Informatics class or what the testing out exam would be like.

    Any thoughts on the matter would be great

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  3. by   eedirin26
    Hi Smith,

    I don't have an answer to your question. I am actually waiting to see a response to it as I will be in the Spring 2007 Accelerated BSN class.

    Hope someone responds.
  4. by   decartes
    I don't know about the "many" students testing out of informatics but I have heard of a few. The class was about basic application of computer technology in nursing practice. A lot of people thought of it as a waste of a class but some of its concepts were extensions of the other courses in the program.

    To test out of the program, I heard that you take the midterm and final exams which will determine your grade for the course. If you get a C+, then that will be your grade for Informatics. The course itself is a fairly easy A or B+. Just like all the other courses, the work will be a pain in the arse!

    The program is very doable and the curriculum is set up so that you can do well. You just have to be committed to studying and critical thinking throughout the program. Always keep in mind that the lecture and lab exams are not the end of the road...passing the NCLEX is the ultimate prize.

    Good luck!