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Does anyone know how long the response takes ? I applied early (to make the Sept 1, 2007, early consideration deadline) and was told that letters would go out "sometime in October". Any... Read More

  1. by   J Celi
    Quote from JerseyGuy
    Been there a year now. I gotta tell ya......if you go to UMD-Newark, you really have to "grin and bear it!" They do very stupid things there, again, the ONLY good thing about it is: it's the cheapest accelerated BSN program in NJ, compared to Seton Hall and Fairleigh Dickinson.

    If you can put up with the crap for 15 months, then go.....but don't say "no one told me it would be this disorganized."
    I am a new admit to UMDNJ BSN accelerated program. Can any one of you provide me the ppt's used by the professor in the class?
  2. by   oldfashionedlove
    I applied in 2006 and I was accepted into the program. I had to leave one month later because I had a serious car accident. At that time all of my prerequistes were fine. I applied again 6 months ago because I was told that their policy changed and the two classes had to be within a 10 year time frame. I was in provided I get a C+in Statistics and Sociology. I got two A's. Well, the recruiter totally mislead me. (nicely stated) because I received a rejection letter 2 months ago. So I basically wasted my time and I did not apply anywere else because I was told I was in there for Jan. I had to personally give the paperwork to the woman because they kept losing mine. Maybe its better I did not get in the second time around.but if it is that disorganized I would rather go somewhere else.