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Hey everyone, is anyone in the process of applying or have already applied to UMDNJ's ABSN program for the summer of 2013? It would be great to hear what applicants thought about the application... Read More

  1. by   lmccrn62
    Quote from arebama
    Hello Lmccrn62,

    Can you tell me which other hospitals they would give as an option for clinicals? and which one would you recommend?
    I am not sure if the school will be making changes with the Rutgers and Umdnj merger. So I would check. Newark Beth Israel, morristown are good places. There are others but they maybe specialty specific.
  2. by   arebama
    Thanks for the input GladtobeaRN,

    I believe that I read some where that if you do well on the TEAS test you might don't need to take the NALC. Im really nervous about this test, specially the writing part, I am good at writing essays, but not when I'm being tested on it. Hopefully I do good, so I don't have to take the class, because the days they are offering the class I wont be in the country, so its gonna be a impossible for me to take it.

    Thanks again for the info.
  3. by   arebama
    Thanks lmccrn62
  4. by   iPink
    No need for you to be nervous about the TEAS. You've already been excepted in the program. It's there just for you to see what areas you're better in than others. They don't kick you out of the program because of bad TEAS scores. In fact, some who had bad TEAS scores became honor students within the program. There's a writing portion because you'll be doing writing projects in the program including a big Community Health project which is a 40-80 page report. Brutal to say the least.

    NALC is a benefit because you get the TEAS and writing portion done before the rest of your classmates, plus its a time to build friendships. The only time you need to be nervous is when you have your first exam in a few weeks after the program starts.
  5. by   DEZZIE22
    Hi and congrats to everyone. It was a very hair pulling experience to get into another hair pulling experience. Lol
    i was wondering who out there attending newark also plans on attending nalc.
  6. by   njnursingstudent1
    I will be attending NALC for the Newark campus.
  7. by   DEZZIE22
    Hi nj are you from nyc?
  8. by   njnursingstudent1
    i live in jersey city.
  9. by   DEZZIE22
    Nj how far is the campus from jersey city? My sister lives by cummnipaw (i think it is) that would be my just in case location. But if its fair i will just go home
  10. by   njnursingstudent1
    if youre taking public transportation, its about 40 minutes. if you have a car, it takes about 20 minutes.
  11. by   carina_gisselle
    Does anybody know what type of sneakers we need ?
  12. by   njnursingstudent1
    hi carina, i think its white leather closed toe shoes.
  13. by   donutball
    Hi all and congratulations!

    I just got an email talking about how there is no more dates left for registering me and and probably some other students for the TEAS test until after the term begins. It says we'll find out more information about this during orientation.
    I'm glad and also a bit worried? In order to attend NALC classes it says you had to have taken the TEAS. I sent an email back with the NALC registration form completed. *crosses fingers*