So NJ: Virtua & Burlington County College Nursing Partnership

  1. Nursing Partnership
    Virtua and BCC have partnered to provide educational and financial opportunities for students who are interested in becoming nurses.
    The program provides scholarships and grants to students at varying levels of their educational program.

    First year BCC Nursing Scholarship Awards: The top two students academically at the conclusion of their first year of school are awarded a scholarship by Virtua to help offset tuition costs.

    Educational Grant Program: Virtua offers an educational grant of up to $5,000 per year of school to BCC nursing students. In return, the students agree to work for Virtua Health as a RN for one year for each year of grant.
    Transitional Intern Program: This program allows newly graduated nursing students to spend time mentoring with a licensed RN, while operating in an unlicensed care giver role. An NCLEX review course is offered, and students gain valuable practical experience while waiting to receive their RN license.
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