Rutger accelerated nursing 2012

  1. Greetings to everyone,

    I just got accepted to the Rutgers Accelerated BSN program last Friday and I am eager to talk with my future classmates. Please join us and share info. with others here if you are also admitted.

    Hope can talk to you guys soon ^0^

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  3. by   elvogt
    I was also accepted last Friday! I'm so excited, and also totally overwhelmed, considering there's only a month until orientation. Have you received any information since you accepted your offer of admission?
  4. by   montic
    Congratulations elvogt!

    I haven't received any info./pkg yet. Called the school of Nursing@Newark yesterday with some questions and was told they would have answers sometime this week. It seems they are still finalizing.........
  5. by   onedayitllbeme
    I accepted the offer as well! Debating whether I should start a cna class ASAP, I still have to give 2 week notice at work. I have no healthcare exp except a tad of volunteer at a quiet hospital.
  6. by   moncha
    congratulations everyone! i've been accepted as well =]

    in my email it said i've been accepted to the program with an affiliation to i'm guessing i got accepted to that campus? i'm going to get the material for the courses i'm challenging asap. does anyone else still have to challenge?
  7. by   onedayitllbeme
  8. by   elvogt
    Congrats everyone!

    I'm planning to challenge HIP and Cultural Diversity. I emailed Denise Santangelo ( for the syllabus and other information...she sent it right away. I'd be happy to forward it to you if you message me your email address. I haven't signed up for a date to take the exams yet, has anyone done that?

    Hope to see you all at the orientation on Friday!
  9. by   onedayitllbeme
    Hi elvogt. I just visited the campus today to check out where the orientation was. Seemed nice! I scheduled the exam for May 24th I think (I called the number in an email I got about it), the Cultural Dimensions one, I have the textbook also, just have to start studying. Also I believe you need to pay for the exam before you can take it.

    see you Friday! (I am also affiliated with Newark, was considering trying to switch to New Brunswick but was thoroughly convinced after speaking to them that both will be equal programs and I live so much closer to Newark at this point anyway.

  10. by   Jds12
    Hi, I got accepted as well! Does anybody know how to find out if all prerequisites have been accepted or if they need to be challenged?