Recomend your nursing school please!

  1. Hi all - I am seriously considering a career switch to nursing (already hold a BS in business) I have just begun the search and I am currently exploring all of the diploma programs out there....anyone want to share their experiences. I am VERY SCARED by all the talk of "wait lists" it even possible to get in? I have also heard that some diploma programs offer loan forgiveness for work this true? Thanks in advance for the help!!!
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  3. by   edgwow
    jessdreams are you in north, central or south jersey? Where you lives makes a difference.
  4. by   jessdreams
    I am smack dab in central Jersey (North Brunswick area) so with the exception of schools down in the Camden area I think most are within a 45 min drive of me.
  5. by   nj1grlcrus
    I go to Bergen Community College, I love it, and YES its hard to be in. Hundreds of people compete for 70 seats, at night, at least as competitive for days. You are pretty close to Middlesex, you should check it out, good luck!
  6. by   NJNursing
    You're probably going to have to pick someplace really local. Most county colleges have closed it to out of county students. I went to Mercer County College and I was lucky to have been matriculated in before they closed it off to out of county students nearly 3 years ago because of such a high demand to get into the program.