Please HELP advise on which is the best RN-MSN program?

  1. I have a slight dilemma by chosing a school where I want to go and whats the best for me. I will be graduating in December as RN, but want to start applying to schools to b a nurse practitioner. I live in NJ, and I am close to Rutgers, anybody know is it competitive to get in? How long does it take to finish the program?I looked into Monmouth University as well, but unfortunatelly it is very expensive Any other schools like in NY, like brooklyn or Manhattan is also a good location.
    Please help!
    Any ideas would be great!!
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  3. by   meluhn
    I wish someone would answer this post because I am wondering the same thing. I have a bsn and I applied to rutgers but then heard some horror stories about the NP program that are really making me nervous. Have you heard anything since you posted this in June? I recently wrote to the director of the NP program at TCNJ and she basically blew me off and told me to check the website for info. Based on her response, I will not be applying there. Stockton looks promising but I dont know how much is online vs classroom. I know that rutgers is mostly online with some classroom. I wish I knew someone to ask.
  4. by   linda1959
    Don't know much about their program, but NJ City University is very flexible in their school nurse program,so it might be worth looking into their MSN program if they have one. Also, there is William Paterson in Wayne, Kean in Union, Seton Hall (although probably expensive). I don't know about their programs but other options worth looking at.
  5. by   ms_sheesh

    Have you looked into UMDNJ? The nursing school has several NP programs. Currently, cost is 486 per credit. The core classes can be taken either online or on campus. I've actually attended the information session and it seems like a decent school. My only problem with the school is that because they offer clinical classes once a year, it can take a long time to finish, but if this doesn't bother you then I say go for it.

    You can find the link below.

    Good Luck
  6. by   DorothyzbornakBSN
    Congratulations you must have finished by now. good job. i got admitted into rutgers to start this month. (jan. 19 2010). i dont really know if it was competitive but i guess it also depends on the specialty. mine is np of women's health. i graduated with my bachelors in august 2009, i had a G.P.A of 3.840. rutgers is a great university and though people say it's hard i would do anything to have them on my resume. rutgers is number 66 in the world:bowingpur that is just great( out of thousands of universities worldwide) and i would be so glad to be part of that. anywhere you go in the world people know it. harvard is number one along with yale but they dont have nursing programs ( i dont think). i was also suprised to find out that their nursing department ranks far far higher than umdnj which is a teaching university. it may sound shallow but thats what i want. Good luck!
  7. by   Spacklehead
    I realize a pp mentioned that they would not apply to TCNJ due to an email response they received, but they are a fabulous school with a great reputation.
  8. by   meluhn
    Quote from Softballmama
    I realize a pp mentioned that they would not apply to TCNJ due to an email response they received, but they are a fabulous school with a great reputation.
    That may have been me. I did receive a curt email telling me to look online for info about the program as if that never occured to me. My questions had more to do with wether the program would be doable for an older (39 yr old) nurse with family responsibilities. You can't get that info from the website. I kind of assumed that since they are elitests that they might cater to the younger crowd. That was just the conclusion I drew, I could be wrong. I know the school has a great reputation and is very competitive to get into. I probably could have done it, my GPA is 3.8 but I just wouldn't move forward after getting the "bums rush" from the head of the program like that. If she can't even take a minute to call me, like all the other dept heads at other schools did, did when I had questions, I cant be bothered applying to their school. I plan on applying to UMDNJ in for the fall. They have the cheapest tuition around and lots of scholarships to offer. They are all very nice there and seem like they want you to suceed. To me, having a supportive faculty is just as important as being a top notch school.
  9. by   Spacklehead
    Wow, I'm sorry to hear that was your experience with them. All of my experiences with them have been very positive, although I do know that their graduate program coordinator position has recently changed hands, so I don't know if that was part of the problem.

    I'm glad you found a school that is a good fit for you. Best wishes as you embark on your grad school career.