Our Lady of Lourdes- Camden, NJ

  1. Hi, I recently applied to Our Lady of Lourdes in Camden NJ. They told me that I would hear something in September....So of course I check the mail box everyday I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who has applied recently. If so..have you heard anything? Also, if there are any current students who would like to share their experiences with this facility I would love to hear!
    I have done other searches on this site, but there are not many posts pertaining to OLOL.
    Oh, and by the way this is my first post.
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  3. by   anjresident
    Hello. Did you ever get the job? How is it there? May I ask, what the starting salary is?
  4. by   capemay5143
    Hi, im a current student graduate in December! I love it couldn't be happier with Lourdes! Good Luck
  5. by   SouthernGirl84
    XBabyDebsx- Sorry, I should of been more clear. I applied for admission to their school of Nursing I did get in, and will be starting in the Spring of 2012.

    Capemay5143- Have you heard anything (good or bad) about the YMCA Daycare Center on the Lourdes campus?
  6. by   GoDeep321
    Hello SouthernGirl84!

    My name is Drew! Congrats on your acceptance to OLOL. I recently applied to OLOL (several months ago) for Spring 2013 class (January 2013???). The cut off date to apply was October 31, 2011 to be considered for the Spring 2013 class.

    I understood that the acceptance letters will be mailed out either by the end of December 2011 or by the latest January 2012. Since December has came and went, I'm hoping the acceptance letters are sent out very soon. The "waiting" seems to be the hardest part. I know OLOL is merging with Immaculata University so that may account for the delay.

    When you applied to OLOL, how long did you wait before you received your acceptance letter? Do you know approximately how many students are in a class?