online nursing courses??

  1. Hi,

    I'm on H4 visa too, wanting to do nursing course. I've background of medical Lab Technology. Wanted to know whether my credits could be transferred to nursing prog.

    I'd done MLT from India. I would be glad if some one suggests me of online course.
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  3. by   healinghand
    First of all you need to get your credits evaluated by World Education service.
    Some of the universities can do it for have to visit and find out.
    You need to have an RN to start with and there are NO ONLINE programs for RN as far as I know.

    One you get you GPA and credits,find out if any of the credits get transferred.
    After that you will have to find out what more credit courses you need to take up.

    Like Anatomy,Physiology,Microbiology,Child psychology etc.

    You also need to take credit courses in humanities,which some nursing school requires.
    Once you are done with all pre-requisites,you start with your actual Nursing subjects and clinicals.

    You might get some of the credits transferred but You definitely have to do full time schooling for Nursing clinicals
    Depending on which state you are living in right now,you should request Nursing programme info from community colleges and nursing schools.

    You need to act quick as waiting list for this programs are getting lengthier day by day.

    Your first step is getting the info and getting your credits evaluated.

    There are very good programs offering evening classes and weekend classes for mothers or full time workers.

    Good luck to you.