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  1. by   missymarie26
    Quote from VetTechingWasEasier
    Every nursing class has it's recipient for the Florence Nightingale Award for Excellence in Nursing Studentry! I have extrapolated the traits and habits of the recipient of my class and will share them with you eager young new students so that you can more easily graduate top of your class.

    1) Quit your job. Live with your parents and have a boyfriend/husband who's making ridiculous money and can easily support you.

    2) If you have any children, have them all live with a trusted relative.

    3) If you have any "down time" on the floor during your clinicals, do not help your fellow students with patient care. Disappear into the nurse's lounge and study your flash cards.

    4) Have 100% reliable transportation (see #1 for funding source)

    5) Have a 100% stable home life.

    6) Spend all your free time studying, after all you'll have a lot of it.

    7) Have zero extracurricular activities for this will interfere with your study time. This includes hobbies and pet care.

    8) Never drink, smoke, or listen to music.

    9) Cry whenever you do not get 100% on any quiz or test.

    10) Avoid having, or having had any job that you could've picked up any sort of real-world health care experience. All of your questions will be "textbook" related and real world logic/experience will only interfere with your good grades.

    11) Never under any circumstances miss class, even if it means having to be wheeled in on a gurney.

    12) Do all extra-credit assignments, and do about 1000x more than was required. *example= If the assignment was a poster presentation, make a mural that takes up half the wall.

    *12b) On all class projects, Be sure that it's nakedly obvious that your father the pediatricion helped prepare the material.

    13) Study alone or study with the student who failed last year and already knows what will be on the exam. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will you study with anyone who knows less than you.

    14) Join student organizations, but do not participate. This will interfere with study time.

    15) LAST= Do lots of squat-lift exersizes, so that on graduation day, the weight of all your tassles, stoles, capes, ribbons, medals, etc do not cause you excess lower back strain!

    Congratulations, Validictorian of the Nursing Program!!!!
    Hysterical! LOL:chuckle
  2. by   LJ85
    give up your entire social life. accept the fact that your life for the next year or so belongs to school. dont expect too much from yourself, yet strive for your very best. you will think you failed many times when you were actually much better than that. you will cry your eyes out. you must tell yourself that failure is NOT an option. have faith in yourself. make friends. studying is your new hobby. be nice to your instructors. they own you. and most of all. have fun. enjoy yourself. and take credit for what youve accomplished.
  3. by   Annie09
    Hi. My advice is to condense your notes into one 1 1/2" notebook per test. We have 4 tests this semester, so I bought 4 notebooks when I purchased my kids school supplies at the beginning of the semester. We get our notes posted on Blackboard in Power Point. I put the notes in outline form, and then go back through the slides, copying any pictures/diagrams into the cooresponding portion of my outline. Also, any notes the prof has added under a slide, I copy and paste these into the outline where they appear with the cooresponding slide.
    After I've done this, I go back and reorganize everything into an outline form that more easily works for me. Now, when I run through NCLEX Q's on another disc with this same subject content, I am able to add these notes easily to my outline. If I have been diligent with my note gathering, when it comes time to study for the exam, I only have to go to one place to study from - my notebook. (Actually, by organizing my notes like this, and adding additional information as I come acoss them from other sources, I am studying for the test all along). This is how I made it through 3rd semester, getting high 80's and a 90 on tests. Also, everything organized in notebooks will be extremely helpful when it comes time to study for the final.
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