1. Anyone applying? Have you taken the HESI? Thought it would be helpful to share experiences.
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  3. by   NJMurse88
    Just walked out of the hesi test right now. Polishing final steps of application to submit
  4. by   dianearc
    Yes, I am applying. I submitted my application already and I took the HESI test on Dec. 18th.
  5. by   NJMurse88
    Nice. Good luck. I will submit my app sometime today. Are you guys applying to the jersey city campus? How was your experience with the hesi?
  6. by   kmorales0718
    Hi everyone! So glad I found this thread. I just started to take the pre-reqs, currently taking A&P then next semester I'll take A&P2 and Microbiology. I'm going to be applying for the 2017 program but thought the earlier I get inside information, the better! If anyone wants to share their HESI experience or anything else, that would be a great help! Best of luck to everyone for the 2016 program, hope you all get in! Hope to hear from you all soon
  7. by   NJMurse88
    I just submitted my application and my transcripts were sent out yesterday. Good luck with your prereqs I just finished A&P 2 and micro while working two jobs. Its really stressing but manageable. The hesi is realllyyyy long and exhausting, the math portion is really hard thank god i love math I did pretty good. The rest is mostly common sense get the elvesier booklet that was great help for me. Good luck to everyone !
  8. by   bbd613
    I'm applying for the Wall campus and submitted my app yesterday. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   kmorales0718
    Thanks for all the info! What level into math did the exam go up to? & did you get your score back?
  10. by   NJMurse88
    Its basic math just a lot of work. Consists of Fractions, decimals , %, basic addition , division and multiplication of fractions. The elvesier booklet is literally all I used to study aside from some quizlet practice tests. Yes u get the score right there
  11. by   kmorales0718
    Perfect, thanks for all the tips! Best of luck!
  12. by   lacerti
    I'm applying to Jersey City!

    I sit for the HESI on Thursday, so reading through the official HESI A2 Exam Review, 3rd ed. (Elsevier) and the Nursing School Entrance Exams, 6th ed. (Kaplan). In regards to the official review book regarding A&P, many of the previous test takers on these forums have mentioned that it doesn't cover many concepts in-depth, and it be best to have supplemental information.
  13. by   dianearc
    Thank you. Good luck to you too :-). I am applying to the jersey city campus. My HESI experience was ok. My composite score was 88. & considering I pulled an all-nighter the night before, rather than studying well ahead of time (argh, thanks to work), I was ok with this score. ( I do not advice anyone to pull an all-nighter however- rather follow your study habits. I started reading people's experience with the HESi here duing the start of my application, so the night before, I focused on the things that people had suggested. I used the Elsevier review book (3rd edition). I focused on the questions, particularly bio, a&p and vocabulary. I have strengths in math and grammer, so I didn't focus on these. One can focus on their strengths. I did familiarize myself with the topics that people had suggested here. I am sure there are people who will do way better than that. It's possible to Ace the exam if one studies ahead of time. It's all about one's strengths and study habits. So I thought it was fair. How was your experience? and are you also applying to NJCU?
  14. by   alex2b
    I'm applying to the Jersey City campus. I did the HESI earlier this week and got a composite score of 96. I prepared using the Elsevier prep book 2 days before the exam. I wouldn't advise doing that if the materials aren't fresh in your mind though, I just finished up my A&P in December.

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