NJ externship dilemmas!

  1. Hi fellow NEw Jerseyans!!

    I am lucky enough to say I have 3 offers for nurse externships this summer. All in different portions of NJ. I'm having a tough time choosing and was hoping for some insight! I would like to eventually do pediatrics and or emergency nursing (possibly peds ED)

    Offer 1 - From a 460 bed community hospital around 20 mins from me. I would work as a CNA for June and July then do an extern program in August.

    Pros: close and can live at home, competitive pay. Has pediatrics and emergency department

    Cons: lower acuity patients and staffing issues, can't really work during the school year due to distance from my school. Would rather not work full time during my last month before school begins if possible

    Offer 2- a 271 bed community hospital an hour from me. 8 week extern program working full time then per diem CNA until graduation

    Pros: part of hospital system I want to apply to on graduation, not too far from school so could work there during the year.

    Cons: far from my house and down the Parkway which could be a nightmare due to shore traffic in the summer. No pediatrics aside from a few beds in the ED. Lower pay rate

    Offer 3- a 500+ bed teaching hospital closer to school (1.5 hrs away from home). 8 week program than kept on as per diem CNA

    Pros- well known hospital that has peds and is a level 1 trauma center. Easiest to also work during the year. Competitive pay. Have a friend also accepted to the program that could carpool with me during the year.

    Cons- will have to live away from home (boyfriend lives close by this hospital)

    TL;DR: I'm having conflicting thoughts about where I should choose to have an externship this summer
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    Option 3