New law regarding LPN's duties in nursing home settings

  1. :angryfire Hi all,
    I am new to the forum. I work at a nursing home/rehab in Morris County, NJ on the subacute unit 3-11pm. I am a full time LPN and have been one for 25 years.
    My question is this-Does anyone know of a new law or rule or whatever about LPN's not being permitted to take charge of the floor? We always have an RN supervisor on 3-11 but not always assigned to our floor. I have taken charge before but in the last 2-3 weeks have been told by one RN (Only 1) that LPN's cannot do the desk anymore, even though one of our rehab charge nurses is an LPN, too. Plus there are 2 floors with LPN's as unit managers. According to her, they will be losing their status. Is that legal? Although it may be, I don't think it is very ethical.
    Also can IV certified LPN's start IV's? I also was told we can't, which makes no sense whatsoever. Why take the course? I know we can't push, hang TPN or mix IV's or PB's.
    With this going on, I am seriously thinking of leaving the facility, even though I really do enjoy the job. I love the patients, like my co-workers and love the job itself.
    Do any other LPNs have any of these issues? Thanks:caduceus:
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  3. by   nurseyNJNYC
    Some LPNs at our facility have been asked to supervise but they have refused, claiming that they value their license too much... although we do have LPN supervisors... im not too sure about it...
  4. by   HisTreasure
    I'm in NY. We are allowed to start IVs, run the floor, do MDS, etc. Here are your nurse practice acts. Maybe you can find your answers within these guidelines. New Jersey Statutes- NJ Board of Nursing Board of Nursing
  5. by   ei4lee
    Hi, I work at a VA nursing home and my head nurse and my girlfriends head nurse put us both in for the iv therapy course on the 24th of this month.Then nursing ed came up and gave us the course book--it looks like a 3 month course and we have 2 weeks to absorb it--this course is an 8 hour course.My va is in new jersey
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  6. by   LPNscottnj
    To catsnurse in NJ. I work in a subacute unit in separate wing of a ltc facility. LPNs are able to start IVs and run IVPB, LPNs can hang TPN and Lipids as well. here is a quote from the Us Dept of Health and Human Services website on LPN duties in NJ. LPNs need to be competent to perform the delegated task of initiating and administering IV therapy (excluding IV push medications).” they also state that new jersey is one of the least restrictive on what an LPN can and cant do. They seem to leave it up to the facilities rules. Dont let them scare you NJ LPNs can do many things. The only things we cant do it push meds and access portacaths. once accessed by an RN we can then run fluids. anyway hope this helps.