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Hey Guys, I'm new to this site and have been applying for RN jobs in the south Jersey region. I graduated in May with my BSN and am having no luck with the application process. I have applied to... Read More

  1. by   kmuneca
    Does anyone know if Cooper hires new grads with an ASN or do you have to have a BSN? Or do you know any other hospitals that are known to hire new grads with an ASN. I'm not having any luck and wondering if its because I don't have my BSN. I have my ASN and a BS in Biology but I guess that doesn't help.
  2. by   alibee
    Quote from kmuneca
    Does anyone know if Cooper hires new grads with an ASN or do you have to have a BSN? Or do you know any other hospitals that are known to hire new grads with an ASN. I'm not having any luck and wondering if its because I don't have my BSN. I have my ASN and a BS in Biology but I guess that doesn't help.
    Yeah unfortunately, unless you have an amazing "in" at Cooper, they haven't brought on ASN/Diploma new grads in a couple of years because their Magnet application is currently being processed (it's even rare for current employees who graduated with ASN/Diplomas to be brought on as nurses). I have a relative who was brought on at South Jersey Regional in Elmer with her Diploma, but she was in the process of getting her BSN and had indicated that on her resume.
  3. by   kmuneca
    Thanks for the info. I wish I had known how difficult it would be to find a job when deciding to go for my Associates or Bachelors. I just kept hearing that it doesn't matter, you are both still RNs, and a lot of employers will pay for you to get your Bachelors once they hire you. I just can't afford to go back to school. Bleh. I'll just keep trying to find hospitals that hire new grads with ASN...
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    Quote from PhiladelphiaLove
    You are not alone! I also graduated in May with my BSN. I am from Philly but went to school in NJ so the license is there. However, I've applied to about 60 different positions throughout philly AND NJ (north and south). At this point, I'm planning on just doing an internship that guarantee's a per diem postion after the 8 weeks. Meanwhile, I'll keep try - that is really the best that we can do. Wishing you lots of luck - I hope you find something soon!!

    Also, I forgot to add that I'll be working at a nursing home until I get a hospital job. Sometimes you just gotta do whatcha gotta do and I'm definitlely one of those people. I swore up and down I'd never bite the bullet and work at a nursing home but the way that things are looking right now, I could care less where I'm working till the right job comes along.
    Hi, I applied for summer 2013 at UMDNJ Newark. These posts are frightening. Is it really that bad? How long after you applied did you get your acceptance letter? Was it by US mail or email. Our deadline was pushed up from 2/4 to 3/1. Wonder why? I guess I'll hear something either way a few weeks into March now. I really hope to get in and attend. Any insight or guidance is much appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  5. by   PhiladelphiaLove
    Hi, everyone!

    I did my internship at Meadowlands Hospital. While I did learn a lot, unfortunately, they did not hold up their end of the deal and I was not willing to continue essentially working for free. I was supposed to do the internship for 3 months, and I did, however the 'internship' continued for longer and I chose to leave.

    My husband ended up getting me a job at a nursing home. I am working there per diem with pretty much full time hours. It is much different than a hospital but I still do a lot there and I find my job rewarding in its own way. I have learned time management there and how to prioritize. I do a lot of wound care there, I deal with several trach patients, and several peg patients.

    In December, I interviewed for a position at St. Joe's and a week later I was hired. I am starting my position there this coming Monday. I firmly believe that my internship and the nursing home job helped me land the hospital job. I have told many of my friends that are looking for hospital jobs, that if it comes down to it - you NEED to bite the bullet and go for the nursing home job while you look. It shows motivation. It shows that you WANT to work. I also firmly believe that if any hospital counts that kind of job against you, it is their loss. During my interview, the HR manager asked if I had anything else I wanted to say before we concluded the interview. I told her exactly what I have just said and made it very clear that although being at a nursing home was not my ideal place, I still found it was a great place for me to learn and get my feet wet and that I was grateful I had the chance to work there.

    For those asking, YES, it REALLY is THAT bad out there for jobs. I still have many friends who I graduated with that are having a very difficult time finding a job. Once you start getting some experience under your belt, it helps tremendously. I will be working with another friend on the same unit who I worked with at the nursing home. He has been at the nursing home for two years and just started his position at St. Joes in Jan. Hope this helps.
  6. by   alibee
    Additionally, for those just starting school, really try to find a pool CNA position at a teaching hospital (they seem to be more keen on hiring new grads than a lot of other places). It will give you a foot up over the thousands of other new grads hitting the workforce. Best of luck!
  7. by   KittyinNj
    without experience places arent hiring, so i agree go to an office or a nursing home, i went out of state got my experience and now basically every hospital is wanting to interview me and offering jobs left and right to th epoint that im so confused im not sure which to take LOL! i did my time moved out of state paid my dues now i am back with awesome experience and i can get the opportunity to pick what i want
  8. by   prep8611
    I work at Kennedy and underwood they are both hiring. Kennedy especially hires new grads.
  9. by   prep8611
    Kennedy pt loads are much Lower than lourdes and atlanticare from my exp. all Kennedy's charting is done online.