Need Some Help Full-time vs. potential part-time?

  1. Hello All,

    I have a little bit of dilemma and could use some feed back.. I currently have a full time position at a facility that I am beginning to get burn out at. So many things have happened that I feel its time for a change and a new start. I work on a step down unit but I really wanna get into the ER but not a my facility. I have had 2 interviews for 2 different ER positions. One I work for per diem for the hospital and interviewed and found at the interview that position I was applying for was part-time unknown to my knowledge. I went back for the second interview and I stressed to the recruiter that I need full-time benefits. Anyway I have recently found out that I would be able to work full-time but they can not "budget" for full-time benefits and I really enjoyed meeting the managers when I interviewed and feel I could be happy at that facility... this only one part of the story. The second interview is for a full-time position for a training program at another hospital for the ER, I have had 2 interviews and have called several time to find out if the position has been filled and its suppose to start in JULY!!! (I was thinking about sending another follow-up email to the manager again to stress my interest in the position) I keep getting the answer that they are still interviewing and no final decision have been made SOOOO AGGRAVTED!!!! So my whole point is that I can't keep the other job offer pending much longer but at the same time I am really OVER the facility I work for so do I settle for a part time vs a full-time position that I am currently miserable in????... I don't know if should hold out or just accept the offer from the other facility or just stay where I'm at and keep searching??? What do you think?? I did forget to mention both places I have interviewed are magnet and the place I work is not... but that doesn't overall effect my decision but its nice to know!!

    Thanks a bunch!
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