MEGNET status & hiring ADN

  1. My hospital became MAGNET a few years ago. I know this is an "excellence in nursing" thing and we get more money from it, I was curious if it was a RULE that if a hospital becomes Magnet they can only hire BSN's. Asking around I have heard conflicted messages.

    I have worked in the hospital has a PCT in critical care for a few years now. I'm going to school for nursing, for my two year degree. When I finish I've been told my hospital would not hire me because they only take BSN's....

    but I have also been told that because I have worked there as a PCT they WOULD hire me, as like a loyalty thing or something.

    I understand why they would only want to hire BSN's especially in ICU

    But when given the option to hire a BSN new grad with NO experience what so ever, or a ADN with years of experience as PCT in critical care (because of the familiarity and history of direct patient care) what would you choose?

    I guess if I have worked there for so long and when it came down to them NOT hiring me after finishing school because of 2 years and the letters behind my name I'd be a little upset.... wouldnt you?
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  3. by   llg
    The Magnet program does not require that hospitals hire only BSN grads. It simply requires that hospital encourage higher education in nursing and it looks at the percentage of staff nurses with BSN's as ONE of the indicators as to whether or not the hospital supports/encourages higher education for nurses.

    It's up to the hospital to choose exactly HOW it will show its support of higher nursing education. Some do it by only hiring BSN's. Others do it by paying BSN's at a higher rate. Some do it by providing a lot of support to its staff to go back to school for more education. etc. etc. etc. That's a hospital's decision ... and different hospitals will make different choices based on their particular circumstances and resources.