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  1. Hello, has anybody been or is in the Universal Training Institute ? I'm looking to complete an LPN or CNA program and I'm very interested in this school! Does anybody have information about it? How are the professor? How much is it?

    Would really appreciate it
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  3. by   ElianaVas
    Sorry I did put where in new jersey. It's the universal training institute in Perth amboy NJ
  4. by   notthereyet
    Quote from elianavas
    hello, has anybody been or is in the universal training institute ? i'm looking to complete an lpn or cna program and i'm very interested in this school! does anybody have information about it? how are the professor? how much is it?

    would really appreciate it
    you really need to do your research with this type of school. for starters take a look at their nclex-pn pass rate:
    "for the calendar year 2010, the pass rate for our practical nurse program graduates taking the nclex-pn, an exam whose passage is required by the new jersey board of nursing before it will issue an lpn license, was 79.41%."

    this is not the greatest. try looking into middlesex county vocational school
    adult education - middlesex county vocational and technical schools it is a rigorous program with better nclx-pn passing scores and are affordable compared to places like uti.

    good luck,
  5. by   rodecena
    Iam thinking about attend UTI too any info or students who graduate there can help please I gladly appreciate
  6. by   blanca0622
    hey rodecena, I been looking around at reviews and I see that you were planning to attend UTI in Perth Amboy, NJ. I'm starting classes there on Sept.30th of this year and I wanted to know did u attend this school and how was it?
  7. by   njlpn421
    I graduated from UTI and I passed the Nclex. Its not an easy program and it was a very stressful time. I had to quit working. I worked very hard to pass. A lot of students don't make. If you go into a school thinking your gonna skate by or do minimal work and pass then don't bother. Its sink or swim. I liked the school and the staff but they its up to YOU to do the work. And be prepared!!