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  1. I've been scouring this website for opinions and advice on Lincoln Tech LPN program Edison nj location. Some were good, fair and others were alarming! Some background on me first, I am switching my previous career for a more gratifying, meaningful one. I completed my pre reqs for lpn and rn but my timing with applying is always off or not befitting to my life (kids, husband). As well that there are waiting lists for cuny programs(im in nyc). My husband and I just bought a house (he's the breadwinner) in nj. I been looking into Lincoln tech lpn program because its convenient and I could complete the program in a timely fashion.

    Yes, its steep in tuition, but what I am I to do wait around a couple more years, until I get into one more affordable. By this time that amount would be spent anyway.

    I decided to visit the school with the admissions rep and have a tour and see if this school is a match for me. She did not make me feel pressured or was she over selling the school. I'm a good judge of character havent been fooled yet. The school is modern, updated and nicely furnished. The bathroom was spacious with changing rooms with mirrors. It was very clean. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF A FACILITY BATHROOM IS UNKEPT CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SCHOOL. I was there for quite awhile. The school is peaceful and quiet. I was able to see a medical assistant class in session, from outside the classroom and everyone was focused in their notes. The teacher was walking around the classroom monitoring constantly. the training classroom were also very modern and had up to date equipment.

    While waiting for the rep, I was able to see other students on break from class,or leaving for lunch, home,etc. Yes, alot were young adults maybe 19-23 age range but they were not loud, boisterous or acted like ignorant fools. They behaved as anyone should while in school. Im 28 yrs with 2 kids. I actually chatted with a young lady who 22 yrs old. She engaged with me and was extremely friendly. Back to the rep she was able to show me the success rate and post employment rate. They do have a career services dept. that assist you after graduation. My rep's son also attend their IT PROGRAM. If it was so horrible why allow her 19 yr old to attend. Also someone said their entrance exam is very easy NO I DON'T THINK SO. YOU HAVE TO TAKE THE TEAS V EXAM. If all goes well I will be attending here and I feel so good and positive about my decision.
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    There are plenty of threads on the Lincoln Tech NJ campus, go to google, type in lincoln tech and the town the school is located, then and then they will come up.

    I went to the Lincoln Tech in Philadelphia so I couldnt tell you much about the one in NJ but I will tell you that nursing school is what you make of it.
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    I did read a lot of posts but none were recent only from 2012 and older. Not too many about the Edison location. How was your experience and are you now employed? If you don't mind me asking.
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    Quote from melcuba
    I did read a lot of posts but none were recent only from 2012 and older. Not too many about the Edison location. How was your experience and are you now employed? If you don't mind me asking.
    Oh ok got you, you want something recent, I dont blame you.

    I had a terrible experience, the program was very disorganized, the teachers werent that good, ghetto, fights, arguements, etc BUT, I have friends that recently graduated and one that is still there and they said it has gotten way better and more organized, a little harder, and better teachers and nore strict.

    I passed my boards on the first try (December 4th) and got a job less than a week after graduating and have 3 interviews coming up.
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    OH WOW!!! Congratulations!!!!!! go girl!!!!! You are giving me hope!!! Good luck on your interviews!! rooting for you, yay!!
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    Update, I graduate from lincoln tech lpn program next week just have finals to do yay! So worth it my loan amt that has to be repayed was 16,000. Worth my investment.
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