Lincoln Tech in moorestown-LPN program Feb2011

  1. Hi,
    Was wandering if anyone is starting the LPN program at Lincoln tech in moorestown in Feb 2011.
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  3. by   tnt37
    Hi I was wondering if you like the school and how are things going for you so far???..... I would love some feed back on your experence
  4. by   Missyhh07
    I actually like the program a lot...there were a lot of bad reviews but now that I'm in the program I can see why-it's because a lot of ppl think it's going to be easy and it's not it hard and they are strict about being on time,not
    Missing any days and being in uniform. I haven't started clinicals yet but I know some of the places are:
    Nursing home
    And a couple other places.
    It's expensive but I personally think it's worth it
  5. by   tnt37
    well thanks for the info where are the clinicals located near the school or what and what time do you attend class... was also wondering what made you decide on LTI.....Thanks so much for this info....
  6. by   Missyhh07
    I do the afternoon/evening class which is 4p-10p. The clinicals
    Are located around moorestown. I chose lincoln bc for me I have to work so I work during the day and then go to class. Another reason was I didnt have to wait on a wait list like all the other nursing schools.
  7. by   tnt37
    LTI could use more postive feed back like yours this school gets such a bad rap.... I think its from the students that dont want to give 100%. They should know that nothing comes easy and if it does it isnt worth having.... Nothing like some good old blood sweat and tears.....It makes for the prize all that more deserving.....I wish you lots of luck in your studies and who knows we may see each other there.......
  8. by   tnt37
    Thats what time Im looking at what 3 more months.. How are the instructors there heard some were good and well some where not so good.. Was wondering if clincials are the same as class times 4-10 and do yous go as a group? I live like an hour and a half away from the school and will be lost for ...

    And I hear you on the wait list have all prerequistes done for Cumberland County College RN program but the want the best of the best and my score are not up there with them and so I wait.. But its been like 2 years going on 3 and I am no longer willing to wait I want to get into something and move on to and LPN bridge RN somewhere...
  9. by   Missyhh07
    I was in your spot too and that's another reason I chose Lincoln. Clinicals are within your scheduled time so 4p-10p. There are actuallly quite a bit of ppl in my class that drive 30min-1hr to the school. The instructors I've had had been good...they're stove though. It's all about what you put in...I think a lot of ppl think that they can just do a little and you can't:you have to read
    ,listen to lecture and read some more lol.
    But my experience so far has been great! Let me know if you do decide to attend!
  10. by   tnt37
    Well class wont start until june 20th .... But this school is looking like a strong choice rite now... I did apply at a couple other places close to home but if they fall through I will be a student at LTI.... Keep in touch please I would like to hear how your studies are going. You can also email me at And again good luck you can do it.......
  11. by   sheshe1229
    Hello all,

    I am considering this school as well. However, the price does concern me a little more than the bad reviews because I know things are what you make it. I have an appointment on friday. I don't I will attend this school unless aid covers the full cost. I know some schools where I can get that but they are a bit of a drive. This location seems like the best match! Hope all goes well! Maybe I'll see you guys there
  12. by   Missyhh07
    I was shocked at the price too but I know many people have grants, aid etc that cover most of the cost and if it doesn't they work with you. I started Feb 2011 and so far its good...I start clinicals in a few weeks but I think the bad reviews come from people who go through the program and think its going to be easy and not have to study. Its an accelerated program, you have to study, some teachers give you reviews and some don't. I like the program alot and I was very nervous going into it. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
  13. by   alexis21h
    Hi Missy!!' I'm planning to start LT in Edison Nj sept 2011 Pt evening its 2days a week in every other weekend... This work with my work schedule ... So I was wondering what kind of tips can u give me because LT has bad reviews in I don't want to make the wrong decision..
  14. by   Missyhh07
    LT does have alot of bad reviews but I can tell you that it's from the students who drop out or who don't do well. I started in feb 2011 and already 3ppl hav dropped out bc they either had work problems or didnt want to do the work. It's not have to study most of it is reading and doing practice problems yourself. My teachers that I've had have been great ! It is a accelerated nursing program and some people don't understand that. It's fast,have to read and study! Some people come in thinking it's going to be a breeze and it's not. Let me know if I can help any more! Best of luck!