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  1. [font=lucida sans unicode] hello everyone , i need sum info on any lpn courses in south jerzeey. i'm a 28 yr old ma from maple shade nj & i'm looking into persuing a degree in nursing. i have 8+ yrs in my field & currently wking ft for dept of surg (cooper hosp) . i really feel like i have a bigg advatage bc i have sum expirence in "the med field" but we all know going back to school is always difficult no matter how much background u may have. i've put off going back 2 school way to long & know i feel like i have no directions, even though i'm sure there is summ programs that i can look into that won't interfear w/ my crazy wk schedule lol.. if there is any 1 out there who can help please forward me a reply. thanxxx so much !!
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  3. by   slowneedle
    I don't know about NJ, but in KS you can look at the State Board of Nursing Website. It should be able to give you information about LPN programs. Online you might be eligible for Excelsior College in New York. KS no longer accepts their graduates, but NJ might. Although it is for an RN rather than an LPN. Good luck!
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    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    :roll thank u 4 your help !!
  6. by   NJNursing
    You may even be able to find some small programs, community colleges and technical schools that you can do your LPN in.