how long till you got your license?

  1. Hey all !

    I'm still very excited from passing my NCLEX on Feb 6th.....gotta love that early results website!

    I haven't heard anything from the bon about my orientation starts next week. Thankfully, the first week is computers, policies, etc.
    I thought someone had told me, or I had read somewhere, that I should hear from the state in about 10 days. Was that true for you? I submitted my application for licensure and got fingerprinted well before scheduling the test.

    thanks so much !

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  3. by   JLG112
    Hi there! Just wondering how long it took before you received your license, I'm assuming you've received it by now. Just found out I passed the boards on Friday (23rd) and I start orientation March 5th.
  4. by   NJNursing
    Most people receive their license within 2 weeks of passing the NCLEX. If you don't get it, call the BON which is a PITA because it takes an act of God to get a live person there. After 3 weeks of passing my NCLEX I still hadn't heard anything and was freaking out. I spent 3 days getting a live person and found out that they had some freak discrepancy about the spelling of my name and held up my license for that - rather than actually CALL me and ask me about it, they just held it. They gave me my number over the phone which I was able to pass on to the hospital I was working for and they could call and verify anyway. After that phone call it took about a week for it to show up in the mail.
  5. by   JLG112
    Thanks so much! Luckily my nurse recruiter was able to get a hold of my license # for me since I too had difficulty speaking to a "human", all I kept getting was the recording.