How long did you wait...

  1. After taking your NCLEX, how long did it take for the BON to send your license? Did you receive it quickly, or did you have to wait the entire 4 weeks?
    Thanks in advance for your replies....
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  3. by   NJNursing
    It took forever for mine to come. I took my NCLEX on July 13th and I didn't get my License until the middle of August and even then, I had to basically badger them for it. You can almost never get a live person at the BON and it took me several days and several attempts to get around their automated system. Turned out there was some stupid thing about how my name was spelled and they never notified me that my license was being held up for that, so I'm glad I finally got a hold of them or I'd STILL be waiting for my license. Their website is updated about the 1st/2nd of each month, so you'll be able to get your license number before your actual license comes in, depending on when you took your NCLEX.

    I hope this helps!
  4. by   smkiya
    Thanks for the reply. It seems however that the last update on the NJ BON site was December 1st, so hopefully there are no problems...
  5. by   smkiya
    Just an update for future NCLEX-RN takers... I took my NCLEX on Wednesday Jan 24th, and received a letter from the BON yesterday Feb 3rd with my license number, date issued Feb 1st, and an attached paper with my picture and NCLEX results. The letter stated that I should receive my actual license in the mail within 10 days.

    This is great news for me as I start my new job tomorrow and will now not have to worry about being paid the graduate nurse rate, I'm the real deal now. I'm still in shock though, it's just so hard to believe.... I'm kind of enjoying this honeymoon period, I hope it's not soon to end.
  6. by   muldoon
    i heard you can find your license number on the state website 2 days after?
  7. by   smkiya
    Unfortunately NJ BON doesn't update it's site very often. I checked and checked and checked and even checked today and nothing... It just says the last update was December 1, 2006. If you need up to date licensing info call ####... but you have to know the license number when you call...

    Luckily I got my letter in a little over a week with my license number on it.