How hard is it to get into Bergen Community College RN DAy program? - page 2

I'm taking my pre-requisits there and I'm thinking of trying to get into their program. I never really considered it because I had heard that you need a 4.0 GPA plas get a 95% on the entrance exam.... Read More

  1. by   fsv1024
    I agree with Iris! If you already have a bachelors degree I would strongly suggest going into an accelerated BSN. Most are 12-16 months long and you come out with your bachelors in Nursing. I believe the Associates programs are about 2 years? So to go to school for less time and come out with a BSN which is one step ahead of an Associates made sense. If youre interested in getting your masters or continuing on you'll need to get your BSN at some point so definitely think about the BSN program if you aready have a previous Bachelors degree! Good luck!