HELP:trinitas nursing 131 course

  1. Hi everyone
    I really need advice from anyone who has taken nure 131 at trinitas school of nursing. I am taking it now and have had my first two clinicals. Nothing scary yet because we have not been assigned patients or given any patient care. We will be assigned patients next week and I am terrified. I am not like some student who work at hospital as CNAs or LPNs. Before now I think I have only been to a hospital about 2 times. On a second day of pre-clinical we had to look at patient charts and answer certain questions and I was already lost. If i am lost know what is going to happen later. I am also worried that the nurses are not going to be helpful and that I will just be in the way. My clinical instructor is okay but she seems like someone who expects you to know a lot of stuff and will severly scold you if you mess up. I need practial advice that I can use when dealing with patients, the nurses, and my instructor. What did you do that helped you pass clinical and not looked like a lost puppy? What things should i remember when I get my first patient? Trinitas students who have taken course please I need your advice. I think this will be helpful for other trinitas students who are moving from nursing 130 to 131.
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  3. by   FazeRN
    I just saw this post and it's from months back. I know how it feels to be in your shoes. If you're still around and in need of advice, I'll be glad to provide you with help.

  4. by   bymysoultosqueezeRN
    hey, so how are you doing in 131? i felt the same way the whole 131 becasue the charts are SO confusing to me, even now they still are. I hope you are doing well, if you need anything just pm me:wink2: