great orientation programs for new grads in NJ?

  1. I would love a great orientation program for new grads. I am thinking of starting off with adult med/surg. Which hospitals should I look into? I am a recently licensed RN, and am looking to relocate. I was thinking around Morris, Union, Essex, or Somerset counties... generally North Jersey.

    You can message me privately, or reply to this thread. Thank you in advance.

    p.s. Sorry I already posted this in the career advice forum. I just noticed that there are nursing forums based on location.
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  3. by   SteveNNP
    If you are willing to travel across the GW Bridge, come to NY Presbyterian....
  4. by   iToniai
    I'm wondering exactly what they look at when selecting those who are granted an interview.
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  5. by   NJNursing
    You have to be really persistant. many hospitals (especially metro ones) get hundres of applications a week/month. Also all of the nursing programs are all ending now so the market is flooded with new grads and many probably already started marketing themselves back in October and November. I often tell people, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    Additionally, many hospitals are getting reluctant of hiring new grads because the staffing is often an immediate need and they can't wait 2 months to get a nurse fully on a floor and off orientation. Some places offer winter internships, but often those applications are taken in August/September for February starts. Just keep plugging away.