Gloucester County College Fall 2012 hopefuls?

  1. Hi everyone - how are you? This is my very first post and I'm hoping some website veterens/students already enrolled in the GCC nursing program might be able to help me out with their experience!
    I'm a mom of 2 (toddler and newborn) and am hoping to be admitted to the Fall 2012 program at GCC. I took the HESI before I had my 2nd baby when I actually had time to study for it (and when the sciences were still fresh in my mind after taking A&Ps I and II). I received a cumulative score of 86.22 and have As in both A&Ps. In a perfect world, I'd keep taking the HESI over and over but finances and babies just don't allow it, haha. Can I have someone's honest opinion on whether or not this is enough to make it into the program?
    Thank you so much for your time!
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  3. by   ScarletKnights11
    I'm not a current nursing student but I am also applying to GCC's fall 2012 program! Your HESI score is good! Mine is an 83.3% but i'm taking it again because I want to raise my chemistry score. I'm currently in A & P 1 and am doing well. But from what I know they don't look at the cumulative score (on the admissions packet it just has biology...__% chemistry..__% etc.) Theres no space for a cumulative score which stinks! Basically i'm just waiting to take the HESI again in December and am attending the nursing session this week. good luck!
  4. by   QnEJ
    Yay! I'm so glad someone finally responded...hopefully others will join in once people begin applying. Good luck in A/P 1! I am trying to get to the info session this week too. Have you signed up for the HESI again? I still need to!
  5. by   ScarletKnights11
    thanks! i'm doing well i really like my professor! not yet, i don't think I can register until november because i'm taking it in december...i'm hopeing this is the LAST time I have to take it. I just took BCC's test the TEASE V and passed on the first try so i'm also applying there
  6. by   Tonyd215
    @ QnEj. I was just accepted into GCC's LPN to RN transition course for spring 2012. My HESI composite was 85.78 and i got right in. Both A and P/s i also have A's in. Im sure youll be fine getting in, but im not sure how much more competitive the generic nursing program is to get into relative to the LPN to RN track. Just make sure you have your portfolio complete early to be on the safe side, and triple check it lol. Good luck with everything in the future
  7. by   Tonyd215
    another thing lol. go to it has alot great review material for the hesi, pretty much everything that is on the hesi is covered on this site, and it has helped me more than any prep book could
  8. by   Jrsweet
    I have a B average from Bio and Chem and I got a 90% overall on the HESI- I am hoping to get in for Fall of 2012 as well. If anyone has an opinion as to whether or not I have a good chance at getting in as well I would really appreciate it! thanks!
  9. by   RB2000
    Well, I would think that you have a pretty good shot at it. It is really hard to say, because it totally depends on the applicant pool. It depends on how strong everyone's portfolio is, and how many applicants there are.

    There are so many things that go into it. There are some that will be accepted, and for some reason or another will not attend the program. That opens up more seats. There will be some that will accept the seat and then will decide that it is not for them when they get to orientation.

    Have you all attended an information session yet? Good luck to you all!
  10. by   nursinggirl2012
    Hi Everyone!

    I too am a 2012 GCC Nursing Hopeful....I did very well on my HESI (94.7% overall) and have A's in my Chem and Bio from last year....A- in AP I. I did read some of the Fall 2011 hopefulls thread and am a little concerned! It seems like it's really hard, students failing already. I'm going to apply, but am concerned about how well I will do in the program. I also have 2 toddlers and work part time (I would not work during the program).......
    I plan on going to the info session on 12/12.....good luck everyone!
  11. by   ScarletKnights11
    Hey nursinggirl,
    I know what you mean about being worried while reading the posts of those who are already in nursing schoool! I already went to an information session and i scored a 90.67 on my HESI overall and my anatomy 1 grade is still is progress since the semester isn't over yet. Hopefully things will work out for all of us..does anyone know what the applicant pool was like in the previous years?
  12. by   Jrsweet
    Change of plans- using my high school chem grade, instead of my college chem grade. So now I am submitting an A in bio and an 88 in chem, with a 90% overall on the hesi. Anyone think that changes anything? I just want to submit my application already!
  13. by   QnEJ
    Well...application has been handed in and now it's just a waiting game. I think I read they are mailed on or around April 2. Anyone else excited/nervous/scared/hopeful/all of the above?
  14. by   jmintzas
    My grades were 94 HESI with A's in the sciences and got in. I have heard of people with HESI scores in the low 80's with A/B's who got in as well. So in retrospect, it was not something go crazy over, as most of us did. I have a 3 and 8 year old and am nervous about how I will manage mommy hood with school as my husband is MIA for 24- 48 hr periods due to his work schedule. Can't wait to find out where clinical is going to be so I can make babysitting arrangements!