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Hello, Has anyone recieved the date(s) for the Nursing Entrance Exam for September 2011? I've been studying all summer and I am very excited to sit for the test; I just hope that i do well. I... Read More

  1. by   SNHRN2B
    Before taking the test, all counselors and such said that you need to get at least 50% correct in all categories to be entered into the program...I assume that that is the middle column only because they didn't say that you need to get into the 50th percentile as the 3rd column is the percentile column for each section... You did best in Verbal and usually, this is where folks get their lowest score.

    Were there lots of people testing when you took the test? There were three people (including me) on the date that i tested.
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  2. by   Miracle86
    When I took the test it was about 25 people. My computer froze 3 times. I had to use 3 different computers

    There was a guy taking the test his computer was frozen the whole time, he was really ****** I felt so bad. He was close to crying but I felt his pain...Wow on 3 had a full room but no one discussed it after when I asked one guy he ran away lol idk what was wrong with him do you think you did
  3. by   SNHRN2B
    Hopefully, i did well enough....i'm hoping.

    My percentile scores (last column) are:

    Verbal 83, Math 98 & Science 96 ...I also made it over the 50% mark in the 2nd column. Hopefully, we'll be starting the program together!
  4. by   Miracle86
    You did really good ....yeah Hopefully....we will see soon..I got accepted to Rutgers so I have to let them know if I wanted to attend for Social Work I graduate from Essex this December
  5. by   Miracle86
    Well with your scores you def got in
  6. by   SNHRN2B
    Wow, Congrats on getting accepted into Rutgers!

    You are pretty far along already, it sounds like you have a backup plan though. The nursing program would extend your stay in Essex...which are you most passionate about?

    Either way, i wish you all the best of luck!
  7. by   Miracle86
    I realllllly want to do nursing. The only problem is Rutgers isn't taking transfer nursing students this year so I'd have to have 24 credits from Rutgers in order to transfer into their nursing program as a Rutgers student so that's the route I will have to take if I don't get into the program at Essex.
  8. by   SNHRN2B
    At least you have a back up plan Miracle because i dont have one. My only plan at the moment is to get into the program and finish it as an RN. If by chance i am not accepted, i would be devestated and but i'd have to move on. You are already prepared for anything, which is excellent.

    I truly do believe that the 50% is based on the middle column though. It might also depend on how you scored against the other applicants too though. I think you might be fine....Well unfortunately have to wait though.
  9. by   Miracle86
    Idk, I think its last last column especially if its Percentiles based on others that have taken the test and entered similar nursing programs. You are definitely going to get in without a doubt. The only thing I'm worried about is the Math section last column. If its the middle then I'll be super happy but I doubt it since that's only based on the number of questions answered correctly, and I know Essex goes by the percentile.
  10. by   Ykn6000
    Hi everybody! How was the nln test 2011? I am waiting fot the letter from school as you guys. But just want to get some ideas how other people did on the test...
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  11. by   SNHRN2B
    Hi Ykn,

    When did you take the test? My overall score was a 142 which is the 97th percentile...i hope that's strong did you do?
  12. by   Ykn6000
    Quote from shaqrn2b
    Hi Ykn,

    When did you take the test? My overall score was a 142 which is the 97th percentile...i hope that's strong did you do?
    Woow you mean the nln score? 147? Cool! Mine is the way lower than that ( I passed the test but as u kno it doesnt mean i am I am still nervous. Also I have to decide something now abt the job depending on my result.. Cuz if im accepted i gotta go to school evening.. So just waiting is soooo hard to me. Do u kno anybody who took this test? Im wondering how people did generally...
  13. by   Ykn6000
    And do u kno how many people will be accepted?? I asked them. But they keep saying dont kno anything yet..(