East Orange General Hospital in Essex County-

  1. Hey guys,

    I've accepted a position at EOGH and seeking feedback. How is the culture, environment? The salary I discovered is on the lower end of spectrum, but feels that it may be great learning environment as not too experienced BSN.

    Thanks again guys-
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  3. by   KittyinNj
    my friends from school work there, as a new grad yes ull learn, what type of nursing will u ne doinh? med surge? ed? etc, in this economy any type of nursing job is hard to come be with no experience. the pay is less yes but its better then no pay
    let me know what ud like to know my gfs are quite open in their experiences there
  4. by   RNTrinity
    I got hired for telemetry unit . I certainly agree about the economy and the negative ability of jobs. After school, I got hired to the first place I applied working with a vent dependent population. 1 year later, I decided to branch out and only then I felt the difficulty in landing a job with less than 2-3 years exp.

    Trying to remain optimistic as I hear negative feedback from the hospital such as high patient/staff ratio, and difficult seasoned employees. Either way, I'm super excited to tackle the challenges head on. What dept are your friends working, and how long have they been there? Also, did they feel orientation was adequate?

    Thanks :-)
  5. by   KittyinNj
    pm if you can. yes the pt ratio is high varies from 6-9 depending on your floor. but i am shocked that some of the top ranked hospitals in nj also have 6-8 pts per nurse so dont let that get you down. the employees can be nasty from what my gf has shared with me, but u can switch floors after 6 months it hink?
    are youw orking days or nights?
  6. by   RNTrinity
    Will be working nights. Thanks again. How long have your friends worked there & what depts? Wondering if short orientation was adequate for new grad.
  7. by   RNTrinity
    I have an urgent AND specific question for your friend...... What's involved in the IV skills test at EOG?

    Thanks again