Criminal History Record Background Check Now Required In NJ

  1. criminal history record background check

    a letter from the division of consumer affairs reporting unit has been sent out to every rn whose license expires in 2007. this letter is to inform you that legislation (n.j.s.a. 45:1-30 et seq.) requires that all health care professionals have criminal history record background checks. you are part of the first group of nurses to receive this letter informing licensees that the criminal background check is required. (other groups of rns and lpns will receive notification at different times until the process is complete.) each month thousands of nurses will undergo live-scan fingerprinting so that the requirements of the law can be fulfilled in the appropriate timeframe. please follow all of the directions in the letter to expedite this process.

    if you have any questions or concerns regarding this correspondence, please go the following web site:


    received my letter in the mail. cost: $78.00 at approved center.
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