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I was hoping if anyone went to Center of Allied Health and Nursing Education in Hackensack, NJ and if so I need to know about the Exit Exam. I failed the exit exam just took a few days ago with an... Read More

  1. by   qween03
    i kno, i heard how it possible to get all the way to the third trimester and get kicked out if you fail certain portions of the course. But let's not think of that, we need positive energy. And we gonna have to come up wit a pattern of studying daily
  2. by   honeybunny19
    Quote from qween03
    Mine strt with a F, i was wondering how to send a private message too. i dnt kno how.

    Hello ladies

    I am a current student At allied health and nursing education.
    Most students commute from brooklyn or queens.
    Yes the program is very intense , you will be in your books everyday.
    You most get an 80 on your quizzes and exams anything below is considered not passing.
    Classes start exactly @ 7:30 and end exactly @ 4pm.
    The teachers are wonderful.
    Any questions feel free to ask me
  3. by   qween03
    Hi hbunny19, thanks for replying this post. Do u have any advice on a studying pattern? Like how often do u study, and for how long. Also do u take notes in class, or just follow thru wit the text book.
  4. by   NurseElizabeth13
    qween, who told you if we get into the third trimester and fail some coarses we get dismiss from the program?

    Sounds really scary!
  5. by   qween03
    A friend of mine dat currently goes to the skool told me. Am guessing if u go under a certain grade and fail certain exams, u can be dismissed. The gold is for us to just think positive and not let those types of things scare us. And plus they r gonna give us those details at the orientation.
  6. by   qween03
    Hi ncwants2bnurse, r u getting ready for school?
  7. by   ncwants2bnurse
    yes i am...orientation tomorrow...yayyyyy....
  8. by   qween03
    Am gonna have grey boots on 2morrow, just look out for that. So we can actually meet each other. Is there anything i should look out for?
  9. by   ncwants2bnurse
    um not sure black or grey boots, i will be wearing a purple and white coat... Are you taking public transportation? are you excited?
  10. by   qween03
    am drivin wit a friend... I'll definetely look out for u. How r u gettin there? Oh and i hope u kno they chnged it to 2pm rather than 12pm
  11. by   qween03
    it was 2 crowded, i cldnt even figure out which one was u...
  12. by   RN_Moe960
    I have been reading your posts and would like to say I admire your commitment traveling from Brooklyn to New Jersey. I am also interested in the program. I haven't applied yet just researching different schools. Was the entrance exam difficult and was the process of getting accepted lengthy?
  13. by   qween03
    it was like every other basic placement test, and acceptance wasnt lengthy. Go to sch's website and get the phone number, call them and they will gladly explain everything 2 u.