Can new grads go into the ICU?

  1. Hey everybody there in NJ! I live in Arizona, and would love to move to NJ...I have read a little about salary rates, but I'm wondering what a new grad would make per hour working days? I loved the Morris plains area, (my mother worked at St Barnabus as a traveler). Can a new grad go right into an ICU out there? The nursing shortage is so bad here in AZ that I can go anywhere I want, any shift I want...but the pay is so-so. Any info would help! Thanks
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  3. by   NICUAngel23
    hi cardiacrn2006,

    i live in nj and i graduated from nursing school last may. i've been working at a pediatrician's office since i graduated, but i wanted a hospital nursing experience. when i decided to apply to nearby hospitals, they considered me a new grad even though i've been out of school for a year since i lacked hospital experience. i was recently hired for the neonatal intensive care unit at a major medical center. so, yes, a new grad is able to be hired into a critical care area. i have to admit that i did come across some difficulty getting on the nicu unit since most hospitals want nurses with experience, but you will be able to locate a hospital that is willing to hire new grads on these units. good luck! :angel2:
  4. by   LadyT618
    Nurse Internships in Critical Care: (look under nursing paragraph)

    This is all I found when I googled. Maybe you can find some more. Wish you the best of luck!