Camden Community College LPN Grads or Newbies

  1. Hello, I just wanted to know from students or new grads if the school is accredit now, and how do you folks like the program? how are the professors and clinicals? I am a hopeful attendee any info form you folks would be helpful thanks
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  3. by   ultrafirebike
    Newbie to CCC and getting ready to start the LPN program. Not sure about the accreditation, but to my knowledge you should be prepared to take the test when finished.
    Taking the 5 week A&P II class right now....ouch, my brain hurts.
  4. by   bellylovely
    hello, I got my acceptance letter yesterday for fall 09 very excited, and happy. The school is accredit. I have my interview on July 15 very nervous but very happy, so congrats to you and see you in the fall!
  5. by   ultrafirebike
    When the time gets closer we'll have to get together and see if we can help each other with notes etc.
    I suppose I'll look for someone with a lovely belly?

    Are you planning on going on to an RN program somewhere? I'll be applying at HF and OLOL for starters.

  6. by   bellylovely
    haha your funny, but of course I'll apply for rn program but look into a program for a 1+1 like Salem County or St. Francis because if you are LPN HF and OLOL still want you to do 2 years, so if I had to do 2 years to get my RN it will be a RN-bsn program. I think this program might not be so hard because I also talk to someone from there first graduating class and she told me that the teachers really work with their students they don't really stress you on books and if you done the majority of your pre-reqs your good money I'm soooo excited, so hooray for us!
  7. by   ultrafirebike
    Great! We'll talk once school starts because I like the idea of the LPN to RN program better than 2 more only concern is getting into the program at Salem Cty. or St. Francis without having to wait for current Salem residents that have first dibs.

  8. by   ultrafirebike
    Did you turn in the last three pages today?

    I'm not sure who you are, but a few left early...right before they told us to turn in the last three pages.

    Next is the CNA orientation on the 27th.

  9. by   bellylovely
    Hello, and yeah I did return the last 3 pages in, question where you the only male in the class? sticking out like a sore thumb? because if you was I was sitting near you. and i will be attending cna session on 27th? some of the women in the class really need to clean out there ears because she repeated a lot of things over and over. can wait to get it rocking and rolling see ya
  10. by   ultrafirebike
    A. Thanks for saying hi to me......(joking)
    B. My thoughts were that there are several 'boxes of rocks' sitting in that room that will be weeded out when they start taking the science courses. So far this summer I've taken Psychology, A&P I, finishing A&P II and just starting Nutrition.
    I was looking over the schedule and trying to figure which will work best taking both the CNA and Intro to PN since I have to take both. The only real difference I see is one CNA class is 4 mornings a week for the first two months of the semester and the night class is 2 nights a week for the whole semester.

    My A&P Final is either the day of the CNA orientation or the day after, so I'm trying to get the info in advance in case I miss it. I'll let you know how that goes next Thursday night when I know for sure and have met with Mrs. Lazarus.

    Maybe say Hi next's good to have someone friendly to help out with keeping things straight when it gets fuzzy.

    (using my powers of observation, thinking of the name 'bellylovely' and not seeign too many that may fit into that category, myself included.....were you the habitual 'handraiser' that got called on everytime you moved your hair or touched your face?

    just guessing here.....gotta run to a test..see ya
  11. by   bellylovely
    hey firebike, and no I wasn't the handraiser girl (ha ha) but I won't be stranger in class, I'll introduce myself when class start because we don't know whats in store for us( HA HA) well I finish all pre-reqs and might buy a study guide book on AP 1&2 I took them back in 2006. its good you got bios out the way, you'll pass the final . I'm not going to make a big fuss about what cna class to take because I work only weekends, but then again day class is shorter so I would pick day first. any who that blackwood campus is huge, had trouble finding my car , so you have to take english 1 first semester? time will fly by so fast before you know it. Study hard, get enough sleep and keep it moving on to next class:wink2: see ya
  12. by   ultrafirebike
    allright...see you at the CNA on the 27th.....(found out my final in A&P II will be in the morning, so I should be fine going to the 10:00 orientation)

    I'll be the guy there
  13. by   ultrafirebike
    I didn't find you at the CNA orientation...
    I took English previously so I won't have to take it second semester.
    Now the race is on to get all the information turned in on time....

    See you next time....

  14. by   bellylovely
    hey firebike, I didn't stay too long because I went to the financial aid office. I know its first come first serve but don't you think it they should have all lpn students in one class? another question about ppd's should everyone get theirs by 8/2 since she said a month within start date of class? I got mine today at my job. I'll call and make sure, so I should have all my paper work in by 8/3 what about you?