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Hello, I just wanted to know from students or new grads if the school is accredit now, and how do you folks like the program? how are the professors and clinicals? I am a hopeful attendee any info... Read More

  1. by   ultrafirebike
    I called last week and some of the information didn't get to us as "clearly" as it should have. The 2 stick PPD can be started at any time, preferably like you in advance of the physical, so it can be completed early. The physical must be less than one month before the start of class. Since I cleared that up, it appears that I could have started the 2 stick Tuesday, read 3 days later on Friday, the second stick could have been this coming Tuesday and all paperwork turned in on Friday the 7th. Since it was relayed unclearly, I called my doctor to try and schedule sooner but ran into an issue of reading it 3 days later. So I will have my physical and one stick Tuesday the 4th with the last read on Wednesday the 12th. Hopefully I can sign up for the CNA that day and get the Morning class I want.
    You should be fine with starting on the 1st, so you will be done with the second stick by the 9th or 10th.
    I agree that if they have 40 students needing the CNA and there are 40 seats, then why do they open the orientation up to everyone wanting to take the class. There were more uhm, slow people there than at the LPN Orientation. I did notice a few people leaving early and I ended up leavign a little early too. I was a little PO'd that I hurried through my final test in A&P II and then it was so messed up that we didn't really start the orientation til almost 10.
    I have my fingerprint appointment set up (Tuesday) and backround check filled in and Notarized. I'm not so worried about gettgin in the class because they have to offer it to the LPN students first, I just prefer the morning class.

  2. by   ultrafirebike
    So, are we in the same class or what?
  3. by   bellylovely
    Hey firebike longtime no email, we are not in the same class. The background check took a lifetime to clear so I had to get whatever open. The night CNA class is okay, instructor is very easy. She gave us all the info and told us what to study, so anybody that fail the class must have a half of a brain:chuckle Instructor Anwar is so nice, I'm a little nervous about lpn test coming up though but I'm going to study hard. How is your classes? Did you get your letter about the meeting in December? I am going to try my best to stay on top. Do you know about the Camden-Rutgers new nursing program starting Fall 2010?
  4. by   ultrafirebike
    Pharmacology....have you taken it...or are you this semester? I'll be in the Thursday evening class.
    Looks like both classes will be having clinicals on the same days...Mondays and Thursdays.

    See you in January..........