calling all PCCC and/or SCCC students and grads

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I have been searching high and low to find out the actual amount of hours a student is in lecture, lab, and clinical for Nursing I-IV in the PCCC (Passaic county college)/SCCC (Sussex county college) nursing program. I have called the college and been told they don't know for sure because scheduling is confusing, but I think they believe I am asking for the specific time/day of the class (ie: lecture MW 5-9, lab TR 5-9, clinical F 5-10), that is not what I am asking. I just want to know a weekly break down of the number of hours each semester. I looked up this info in the course search for both schools and the hours seem to stay the same throughout nursing I through nursing IV, but I believe that is an error considering the Nursing I is 7 credits, Nursing II is 8, and both Nursing III and IV are 9 credits so the hours should increase with each semester.
    If anyone on here is (or was) in any of the nursing classes (I-IV), could you please let me know how long you are really in the lecture, lab, and clinical proportion of the program. Please specify what semester you're writing about.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   Mtru11
    Bumping this up in hopes that someone can help.
  4. by   njgrl622
    I'm a student at PCCC and I was told -

    Nur 1 - 6 hrs/week
    Nur 2 - 11 hrs/week
    Nur 3 - 12 hrs/week
    Nur 4 - 14 hrs/week during the first half of the semester - and a Full Shift during the second half.

    Donna Stankiewicz had an information "session" at the Wanaque campus not to long ago. Maybe
    they'll be having another one soon, that way you can ask questions and get answers directly from the Dean!

    Good Luck!