Best Care LPN Program

  1. Does anyone know anything about the LPN program at Best Care Training Institute in South Orange?
    I was at Essex Community today and it seems like I would have to wait a year to get into their LPN program, the advisor suggested I look into Best Care.
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  3. by   linette88
    I am really looking into the school. im sure u got all the info already i want to attend the night classes. Do you have any info? are you a student?
  4. by   Nini1974
    That place is a joke! This reply is really for anyone considering going there. Beware you have no rights and will not get any respect from the director or teachers although you pay for an education. The director decides when you move on in the program and when you graduate.The program is suppose to be a year but when you get done it can be fifteen months or two years. There is no structure at all, they are very unorganized. The students and teachers are too scared to report this school because of the backlash they will receive. The same three teachers are recycled for the day and evening classes. Be prepare to pay an additional 5k in hidden fees on the fourth level. If you don't pay it, you will not graduate. Also, there is no set schedule for classes or clinical, its when the director tells you to show up. By the time you are done with that school you could have done your RN program. Its so totally not worth it!
  5. by   barbs516
    I graduated from Essex county vocational and it was a really good school, but from what I've heard about Best Care, I wouldn't consider it as an option.