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Last Thursday I was at the college for the purpose of collecting my Chemistry grade with some classmates. Apparently, there was a graduation ceremony for RN's going on that night as well, and my... Read More

  1. by   moojie
    My head exploded when I read that May 19th date! LOL, Not really. I am not surprised. This process is already so broken, what's one more thing? And some advice for the Chem, if you took CHM100, just review and know that stuff. For Biology, do not just count on the book for this section. If it says know XYZ, go online and get to know that topic in detail. Only part that the book helped me with was Vocabulary. Know those words! Good luck to you!
  2. by   ukgirl7655
    Yeah, over studying is better than understudying tho!!!

    I know we all find out the same time...last year everyone found out the first week of June, most thru webadvisor.

    I didn't like the bio or the chem...I got an 84 on both but was equally irritated with the questions...I knew SO MUCH that they didn't ask me about!! HAHA!! I coulda' gotten a 100 if they had asked me different questions!! Story of my life ;-)
  3. by   ukgirl7655
    Moojie, stop fraternizing with the enemy and giving away our secrets..every man/woman/child for themselves

    JUS TEASIN!!!!!!
  4. by   msfutureRN20
    It's funny b.c. being that the program is so competetive you would think none of us would be helping others out and giving away secrets! Now that I think of it, heyy that's decreasing my own chances!!!

    I guess we are all just VERY NICE.

    LOL. (teasing)

    By the way UK girl- you shoulda talked to me! I live here in P-town (paterson) LOL
  5. by   ukgirl7655
    LOL!! Too funny! See...gotta whatch what'cha say on never know who you're talkin to or where they live ;-) Haha! To make matters worse, I took my test during that week when everyone's power was out and flooding so EVERYONE was on the streets (I guess schools were closed too based on the MASSIVE amount of people out on a Wednesday afternoon!) and I was a) lost, b) yelling at my GPS, c) lost, yelling at my GPS and on my cell phone!! I almost hit a few people and they didn't like it very much...then they see the Kentucky plates and Lord knows what they were sayin to themselves! Dam country girl drivin like an idiot...something like that I'm sure ;-)

    I was FLIPPIN out because I had NO clue how to get to the testing center (and they were of no real help) and I had planned to get there 45 minutes before the required 30 minutes in advance so that I could study the last pieces I had pulled out to go back over. Instead, I'm drivin around screaming to my "modern technology", gettin mean-mugs everytime i almost run someone over and finally get to the testing place LATE! And all in a tiff with frazzled nerves and everything else. Luckily they knew I was lost and didn't care that I was late...apparently this is a wrong turn many people take when trying to find them so they were understanding.

    This fiasco adds to my frusteration about HAVING to take the test early...I was a mess!
  6. by   msfutureRN20
    LOL poor thing, and trust me, I'm sure that wasn't the only reason EVERYONE was outside.. in Paterson it seems as though no matter what time of day, no matter what the weather is ALL these people are alwayssssssss outside!!! SO SERIOUS. But I have to tell you,

    downtown=== great shopping!!!
  7. by   ukgirl7655
    I believe that!! I was actually very surprised at how much it reminded me of the parts of Brooklyn I've been to...with all the shops and everything. If I hadn't been so distraught I would have been looking around to see what stores I was passing!! LOL!!! It was absolute madness...bumper to bumper...nobody blocking the intersections...with my Kentucky plates ;-)
  8. by   msfutureRN20
    LOL I HOPE YOU WERE NOT ON MAIN STREET. that is ABSOLUTLEY the worse street to be on WITH your car. It's like New York (traffic wise)

    not to mention everybody randomly walks in front of your car out of nowhere. god for bid they get hit, they don't even think about that.

    It's kind of funny, but it's not.

    But again, main street is the worse street to drive on, but it has sooo many stores with the same stuff you can get from the mall for cheaper.. some of them are really cute. Just don't take your car b.c. there is never any parking, might as well take a little bus and nice walk outside if you do ever go. I can imagine people giving you attitudes for not knowing how to drive, even though it was THEIR fault for most likely getting in your way or not knowing what they were doing. It does remind me of the city over there.
  9. by   ukgirl7655
    Main Street is EXACTLY where I was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Precisely! It was a mad house. And 2 girls wanted to hit me...I could see it in their eyes ;-) Not to mention all the *choice* words they were floatin my way....and that was WITH me stopping to let them walk!! Haha!! I was so worked up over the test and being late that I couldn't be bothered tho - I do know that I am in NO hurry to go back any time soon! And that goes for the City too!! I can't deal with all the traffic and people...a couple times a year is PLENTY!!!!
  10. by   msfutureRN20
    Haha, that is so funny, I figured.
    I actually haven't been down there for a little while, a few months.
    I bet your glad you are out of there though,

    Anyway, back to our nursing talk people! (lol)
  11. by   msfutureRN20
    hey i just realized something
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  12. by   msfutureRN20
    hey guys, please help me out here.. i just noticed something about the registration page for the nursing students.. go to webadvisor and click on register for sections and go into nursing so you can see what i mean.....

    I think that a lot fewer people are getting into the program than I thought!

    There are about three different combinations you can do when you register for the nursing classes for the first semester it seems like.. and there is 15 people in each class.

    Those 15 people per three classes we have to take are the same 15 people, not different people.. so you wouldn't multiply by three to get 45...

    meaning that it's 15 people per combination..

    nur181, nur 182 and nur183 all have room for 15 people in their classes, and the same people will be making one combination... which is 15 people

    there's three combinations-- soo wouldn't that be only 45 nursing students??

    I hope somebody here is following what I am trying to say..

    I thought at least a hundred and something people were going to get in, not 45, so either there's more to what I'm thinking about registration or I am TOTALLY off..

    someone help.
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  13. by   ukgirl7655
    That would be SUPER cool if that was the case, but to my knowledge they only accept something like 90 students. It's possible that we would have classes with people from the evening program, etc.

    I wish they would accept 135 people....